Lost book of Nostradamus show on History channel

Anyone watch it and what did you think?

I did not watch it and Nostradamus has been proven wrong SOOOOOO many times that it’s amazing to see people still put stock in him.

Nostradamus was an amazing individual… when it came to fighting the plague and having a first name.

I watched it last night. Just another case of The “History” Channel giving credibility to “scholars” with nothing but anti-Catholic speculations and claims, along with the all-to-common “no-facts-to-back-it-up.”

I did watch it…virulently anti-Catholic…History Channel up to its same old-same old.:frowning:

How can they discuss something that is lost?:wink:



lol, this is the first I’ve heard of The History Channel’s anti-Catholic conspiracy.

I think Nostradamus was a fake or his writings are misunderstood. He didn’t really predict anything. All his supporters do is postdict events by reading in to his wiritings after the events happen.

I didn’t watch the show, but it has been reported that the show DIDN’T show any skeptical views of Nostradamus for a significant amount of time.

I would only believe that these psychics were for real if they could exactly as they occur before they happen.

There’s a whole slew of channels including History, History International, Discovery, National Geographic which have a lot of interesting shows. However, whenever the subject involves Catholicism or Christianity in any form, they interview a bunch of Protestants, Atheists, Jews, and usually NO Catholics. Since Catholics by far outnumber all other Christians put together, it seems a bit strange.

Oh…and the few times I did see a Catholic on these channels, they were heretics.

Not that this constitutes a conspiracy…

If he was such a hot prophet, how come he lost his book?

I don’t really know anything about nostradaumus other than people think he predicted events throughout history so maybe this is a stupid question. What does Nostradaumus have to do with Catholicism and how was the show anti-Catholic?


All the people that they interview will present a negative view of Christianity. I don’t know if it is Christianity itself or any strongly held religious belief that upsets the folks at the History Channel.

:confused: Evidently, they hope someone has it and will own up to it so they can find the prediction that the Colorado Rockies will win the World Series. Gentlemen, place your bets.

It’s nothing, if not fun… Okay, it is not fun + ny, either.

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