Lost Camera


Hey I need prayers so I can find my lost camera…it wasn’t expensive and will only do a bit of damage to my wallet to replace, BUT, it has a memory card with my brother’s wedding photos in it. Since he didn’t have a photographer I have some of the only shots from it.

It may have fallen out of my bag in the street of a big city during a flash-rain storm…which means likely its destroyed…however, there’s a minute chance it could be else ware.

Please pray to Dear Saint Anthony.

Faith can move mountians and therefore could move one little camera.:o


Praying to St. Anthony and your guardian angel to help you get your camera back…




Fine art photographer here who can fully relate to the images on a camera being far more valuable than the camera itself.

Praying that what is lost will be found …





Good St. Anthony, please intercede that Purplesunshine’s camera turns up. Amen.


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