Lost Divers Fight Dragon Before Rescue

JAKARTA, Indonesia (June 7) - All five Europeans who went missing while scuba diving in treacherous waters off eastern Indonesia were found alive Saturday on a remote island, police and family members said. The divers reportedly battled a komodo dragon on the island.


WOW! This sounds like a movie in the making. Except you’d start with five and end with one in order to sell movie tickets. Thankfully all survived.

Yes, I am glad they were able to throw rocks to drive away the dragon.

Komodo dragons are have an interesting symbiosis with the bacteria in its mouth. Even if you escape the dragon’s attack, the Komodo’s bacteria are now in your wound and those bacteria are quite toxic. Dragons have been known to calmly track escaped prey for miles, waiting for the bacteria to work their poison.

Good grief! I am so glad they are o.k.

What a nightmare.


Those dragons can run 30 mph.

They will run you down and eat you.

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