Lost hymns from my childhood

There are a few hymns that I remember being sung at mass when I was young (8 to 12 years old) that I never heard or can find in many hymnals anymore. They are:

Priestly People
Faith of our Fathers
My Soul Is Longing for Your Peace
Keep In Mind

these were normally sung at masses when we had the organist and choir sing which was usually the Saturday evening mass, Sunday more we had a folk group, I remember singing Arise, Come Sing In The Morning and Jesus is Life.

I guess it depends on what hymnals you are using. In my parish we use the Seasonal Missalette - Worship Resource (WLP). Faith of Our Fathers is and should be a very common hymn and I would think could be found in any Catholic hymnal. Keep in Mind was not is this February - April edition but I have seen it on many occasions. I remember the others you mention but I don’t recall seeing them in the missalette.

Isn’t WLP formerly J.S. Paluch? My hometown/former parish used their publications for many years. I acutally do have 3 of the hymnals. I also remember all of the seasonal missalettes: There was a bunch of them: Advent/Christmas, Winter Ordinary Time, Lent, Holy Week, Easter, and then then another 3 for Ordinary Time.

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