Lost in the sands of past posts?


I considered posting on Xanthippe’s thread,
But my thoughts are a little different so not true to her thought.
What she suggests could be good if it encourages men to share problems
that they may be reticent to discuss.

My continuing concern is this:
It is a depressing fact that questions can be answered with excellence and fullness,
But soon they are lost in a plethora of other posts.
It is indeed wearying to address some again and again,
Yet they continue to be asked, and quite legitimately.

To ask for prayer whenever needed, for issues like masturbation will always receive sincere prayer,
But advice…how many times have the questions as to how to deal with the associated problems, as of drug and porn recovery, and what constitutes a valid marriage and so on… why not articles from the best of the best past responses, or of enlightenened legitimate apologists, pinned to the top of subforums
Then CAF responders can link the poster to the pinned article, then address anything else that is concerning the poster.

In this way there isn’t an endless cycle of same old questions, sometimes with less informed responses that have been given in previous, researched and carefully thought out replies…there is a sense sometime of water disappearing into the sands of many past responses…

Perhaps this suggestion requires too much work to create comprehensive pinned articles, time and effort that isn’t available, but has always been somewhat depressing to me that past wisdom is so often lost, and each time we must climb the mountain again.

There is always, always, the need for the posting of further response of compassion, prayer, personal attention, and even sometimes a few hard facts to share, but it would be good to have some appropriate core answers to some questions pinned or linked to the heading of forums.

Of course there are many questions and needs that always need careful individual consideration.

Kind wishes and God bless


This thread just came up in the “feed”

I’m glad to see others are coming up with ideas. Pinned threads would be excellent.

I think a post like this should be pinned

When you’d like to discuss something, we’re here.

If you are truly in doubt:

If it is a spiritual doubt, see a priest
If it is a doubt about your health, see a doctor
If it is a doubt about your well being mentally? See a psychologist.
If it is a doubt about how others are treating you, or you should treat others, see a professional.


Thank you,

As a Catechist who DOES take the time to inform in depth with evidence I fully agree with you. I DO find myself repeating time and time again the same very prudent advice.

Thanks for a good suggestion

God Bless you,


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