Lost my fiance's cat


On finding out, the cat was missing, as long as he was doingnthise things, you mentioned. I’d give myself a few days DILIGENTLY searching. It wouldn’t upset me as long as he was trying & told me.
I try not to hurt ppl. Cats can get out & come back. Telling her right away will bring her pain sooner than necessary.
Through those 1 or 2 days he’s diligently looking.
I’m not supper strict w life’s users & how we solve the problem. As long as we are trying to solve things & we are in love.
Hope he found the cat.
Merry Christmas


Again, It is not lying. A prudent person shouldn’t get hysterical about a missing animal for a few days b/c HES FOUNG EVERYTHING TO FIND IT. When he finds it, he tells her about it. WHY worry her? I’m assuming she isn’t living nearby. If she lives nearby & she’ll help fund the cat. If she lives in another city, where she can’t help, WHY UPSET HER! In two days, he either has the cat and says,” Your cat Gabe is a worry but we found him safe. OR I’m sorry homey, but cat is gone. We’ve looked & have posters up, etc, nothing yet”
Then, she’d come from a distance to look for cat.
It’s a kindness not to alarm her far away. Shedvtold both ways.


Actually it is lying. He is withholding information from her that she has a right to know. The cat belongs to her. While an animal is not a child, I assume a husband wouldn’t neglect to tell his wife that their kid went missing. The cat is a family member.

The fiancee probably has pictures that would be useful in making things like posters, and knows more about the cat’s habits than anyone. He is wasting valuable time by not telling her. This is not at all okay. I guess I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but I think most pet owners who love their pets would much prefer to be told their pet was lost so they could do something about it, rather than be left in the dark.

You’re assuming he’s going to find the cat. What if he doesn’t, and then she asks how long ago the cat went missing? Risking your entire relationship and future marriage by keeping her in the dark is what is not prudent.


If you don’t think its lying I’ve got some ocean front property in Arizona I’d live to sell you!


I wonder what the OP answers when his girlfriend has been asking how her cat is? :flushed:
My daughter sometimes asks how my cat is, you can imagine how someone would ask about their own cat.


Go w God.


So the question remains, did the cat come back.

Tweedlealice, the reason this person should have told the significant other about the missing cat is because its highly likely the cat decided to pack its kitty litter and go back home to its first home.

So the significant other needs to know this so he or she is on the lookout for the cat’s return, and can also leave out items the cat likes and will gravitate towards.

Its likely courage is an issue , in not telling the significant other the cat is missing,
And this could be a huge growing point , in actually telling the significant other the cat disappeared.

Face that fear and deal with it. Marriage is going to consist of decades of episodes like this. Honey I broke your fav vase, honey i smashed up your fav car, honey i threw up all over that christmas jumper your mum knitted.
Honey i love you but your snoring is a huge issue.

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