lost my temper


OK, so in gym class, we were playing a game and one of the bigger guys tried to tag me, and he did by slamming me into the wall. I was so shocked that I dropped an f-bomb, not f-you but more like “what the ****!!” Another kid tried to drag me across to his side (so I could be tagged) and I screamed at him too.

Now I’m confused. I hated it when the guys were rough housing me, but I feel guilty for losing my temper.

Is it so much to ask to be tapped lightly if I must be tagged? Must they slam me against the walls or hit me? Now my friends think I’m crazy and they were so afraid I was going to lose it again.


What kid of guy slams a girl into a wall?! :mad:


Some guy who’s getting way too into the game and doesn’t care:mad:


I lost my temper bad alot in gym class.

I remember one time we were playing indoor soccer. The Junior and Sr years of our highschool, gym is Co-ed. So we were playing soccer, and I kicked the ball and a guy was next to me and he kicked right after I did so my leg was still up in the air and he kicked me right in the middle of the back of my calf… There is a pretty big pressure point there. I couldn’t even stand on it for a while. Jerk!!! :mad: He had to sit out for the rest of class.


Nothing justifies slamming a girl, oh come on, when I hear such stories I wonder where this world is going. You don’t hit girls even if they are hitting you, period. Of course, doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea to keep cool, but it’s not like your reaction is anywhere close to what a guy would have done in a similar case. Besides, I don’t think using f-words is a sign of losing temper. Maybe just a little, but that’s a tiny little.

It’s definitely not too much to ask to be tapped lightly and unless you volunteer for a martial arts course, you have no obligation to submit to beating or being thrown around.


I hate that they expect us to play games like that coed. It’s one thing for two guys to do that. It’s another thing for a guy to do that to a girl who, though she’s trying to exercise, is a five three, skinny minny who can’t even fight back! I really wish they could either do weightlifting or running coed, or just do separate classes. But our PC society won’t allow for that.

Redtech, that sounds like it hurt! Boys who do that should get detention for a week!


What’s there with the PC society? I mean, sometimes co-ed is un-PC, sometimes separate is un-PC. My highschool had separate and probably still has, although teachers would sometimes be of the other gender.


I don’t know, I’m just in a bad mood about it. I can’t believe guys would do stuff like that!

Don’t mind me, I don’t know what I’m talking about.


I think since the girls have been forced into a very rough game, the next six week the boys should be forced into square and folk dancing.:wink:

No, he shouldn’t have done that. Where are the gym teachers??? Nobody refs the game??? Nobody supervises???

If I didn’t know you were already a senior, I’d tell you to have your parents call the school. But you have what, 3 more weeks, maybe 4 weeks?

If your coach is not supervising this kind of play, you need to make a trip to your counselor. If you are still bruised, you might need to take a couple photos.

And at the risk of handing my certificate back, if I was 3-4 weeks away from graduation, and my gym grade could stand it, I’d figure out a way to avoid gym until the end of the year. Can you get a doctor’s note? Help hand out towels in the girls’ shower? Change to a health class?


I’m not bruised, and I have no choice. It was only for today, as usually, my class goes outside. But we were playing against freshmen today and two of the freshman guys, besides being exceptionally obnoxious, are also exceptionally strong and are much bigger than I am, as a girl. I didn’t get bruised, I was lucky as another person caught my fall, but still, I was very angry that they did that. Guys do it all the time too. Honestly, if I wanted rough games, I would have found a girl’s rugby team or something.

I would not mind having the guys do dance or yoga for the next two weeks. After all, it should be equal. And I do have only 3 weeks, most of it will be spent outside, playing soccer or kickball, with guys who are much more mature and gentlemanly than those two boys who roughhoused me today. I guess I really needed to vent, I’m so sick of guys thinking this stuff is OK!


What kind of guy slams a girl into a wall?!

The kind that plays the game to the limit of the rules - regardless of the sex of the participants… you’re in the game, you’ll get knocked.

Oh… you got slammed… “But I’m a girl” So what!?

If you can’t take the heat stay out of the kitchen.


Well, why didn’t you say so? Freshmen boys are well, freshmen boys. Nothing can cure them but time and sophomores.


I just have to say this really reminds me of my high school PE class, in which I lost a teensy piece of one of my canines (teeth, I mean) when an overexuberent boy tackled me … during a game of soccer, of all things. I was so mad! :mad: I cried and left school early, to go beg my dentist to “glue the tooth back together.” My dentist was very tickled, since the chipped piece of tooth was about the size of a sesame seed and located in a spot where nobody outside of the dental field will ever see it.

I don’t think I can even count how many times that poor boy apologized over the next week.

Co-ed PE sure wasn’t a cakewalk, but now it makes me laugh! At least you’re collecting some memories. :wink:


Lol, thanks guys:) I guess this is one of those things where “Boys will be boys”


Not at all! It would never have occured to me to do that, as much as I would have done other things. Not like I was a saint. But to brutalise a girl like that? No way. You help them stand up if they fall on their own (provided you weren’t around to catch them as they were falling, that is :stuck_out_tongue: ), but tackle and trip them? Please. Not ever. That’s some horrible manners.


I didn’t mean “boys will be boys”. Somebody should have come down on the young “man”- hard. It’s just that it sounds as if the consequence, which the gym teacher or coach should have administered immediately, won’t sink into his fat head for another year or two, as he is probably one of those late bloomers.

I’d still stay away from this person- even if I had to go out in the rain for gym.

But Maria only has three weeks of high school left. And she is a sensible young woman.


**Boys will be boys" SHOULD refer to the more mature, protective type who SHOULD have slammed that guy into the wall on your behalf…where was THAT guy???



Hey, hey, now, I sympathise with that answer, but since there is no immediate assault to repell, isn’t such post-fact violence ultimately unwarranted? I mean, I would be horribly inclined to do just that and I would regret being able to control myself, but I don’t think I would actually do that. I mean, sure, I could trip him before he got the chance to bullrush a girl, but after? I think it would be more mature to stick with words for that one. Punishment by school authorities is another matter.


**You make total sense as always.:slight_smile: But sometimes boys need to be put in their place and sometimes words from a teacher or coach just won’t cut it. Sometimes a slam (not the body crushing kind, just a little reminder) into the wall from a bigger, stronger guy accompanied by a short “didn’t your mama ever teach you to not hit girls?” is all it takes to make the bully think. I’m not advocating violence, merely suggesting an alternate form of “communication”:wink:



LOL, I agree.


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