Lost Person-A Day of Agony


It seems that these days come more and more often.My Marriage continues to die and my agony of losing my Wife’s Love grows worse.Tday the stress and anxiety attacks grow worse and I come to this forum to beg Our Lord for Mercy.I hurt and agonize over this but I Pray for Mercy to be able to fuction and continue fulfilling my resposibilities. I cannot concentrate or eat or rest.I fear going home because my Wife may say the things that will make me give up and have a breakdown. I feel a sense of doom on these days which almost paralizes me.I know that I have only Our Lord for comfort but what is his Plan? I beg him daily for help. No longer do I ask for things for myself but only for the sense of being needed by my Wife and Family.After you,Lord, my Wife and Family mean everything to me. Lord Please help me get through this and however many other days of agony you have planned for me.Please allow me to accept your punishment as a Christian and not break down.


Lord have mercy . Christ have mercy .. Lord . have mercy Your pain is heard Lost and we reply in love and prayer .


I glanced through your posts. During the past year, have you gone to counseling? If not with her, have you found a professional in whom you can confide? Have you asked the doctor about your depression?

Neither of you are old. You may think you are but you are not. There's a lot of things out there for you to experience. It isn't your total responsibility to make your wife happy. You can only do what you can do. For her to expect otherwise is unrealistic.

There are some things in this life we just have to accept. All of us have been rejected in some way by someone. It is a terrible experience and can drive one to despair. Sometimes you just don't want to get up.
EWTN on the Journey Home interviewed a priest who had been married twice and widowed and is the father of two. In the end, he eventually became a Catholic and then became a priest. Amazing. One wife committed suicide and the other was found to have cancer 18 months after they wed. You might want to catch the encore presentation. You can google EWTN and check the time.
You will be in my prayers. Maybe God like the priest above is leading you elsewhere.


You are in my prayers - have HOPE in the LORD! He will not abandon you!


Prayers offered.


Lost Person, brother, you are not alone. Said a prayer for you. Samson


Prayers for you today.


Prayers said for you. Please try not to despair---you must hold on. When you pray also take some quiet time to just listen to God. He really does have a better plan for you. Really he does. I know it seems like things will never be right or good again but honestly, they will be better, much better. Just hang in there and don't despair.


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