Lost Person-I guess it is me

1st of all I want to thank all of the persons who have responded to my Threads over the last year. Your concern has been greatly appreciated. It has been a year of pain and frustration in my Marriage and no relief seems to be in sight. I have resigned myself to the fact that my Wife no longer Loves me. I am trying to offer my Prayers for others, including friends and family, who have problems and misery in their lives. I know that they need support and that all I have to offer is my Prayers.
As far as my Marriage is concerned I do not see any help coming from the Lord. I came back to God, as a lot of people do, when I was in trouble and in need of help. I have tried Praying and offering myself to God.But I wonder if I know how to Pray and if I know how to Love God. is there something wrong with me that I do not know about? Why is my Marriage a failed one when I Love my Wife so deeply? I do not have the answers. All that I can do is support my Wife and help her reach her educational goals. Even though I know that when that happens I will then be alone. All I can do is keep Praying for the strength to conduct myself as I know God wants. I expect nothing in return.I no longer expect to be happy. God please bless my Wife, my Family and all of those who are going through Lifes pains.Please teach me how to Pray and give myself to you.Please allow me to help my Kids and Grandchild.Please allow me to live out my days serving you even though I know I will have to do it alone.

Lost, I will keep you and your intentions in my prayers.

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