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Thank you to all who have Prayed for my Wife and I.
Some days are worse than others and today is really bad. My Marriage Vows mean everything to me and I Love my Wife with all of my heart. Even though she has pretty much shut me out of her life and ignores me I feel that God expects me to do what is right. I continue to support my Wife and try to be a good husband even though I get nothing in return. Never a kind word, a hug, or any communication. I have decided to
stick by my Wife so that she can finish school and get a better job. I will let her have our home (for safety reasons) and support her. As soon as we are financially able I will get a Studio. I expect nothing in return, I just want what is best for her.
I read some of the responses to my previous Threads and am thankful for the Prayers. I just wonder does anyone understand how much my Vows mean to me or how much I Love my wife? I Pray to God each day to save my Marriage and make my Wife and I one. But I do not know what God’s plan is and it frightens me. I am an older person and have never had anyone in my life whom I Love and Trust the way I do my wife. I know that if I lose her my remaining years will be very lonely. Oh, I know I may find some companionship but there will always be a large void in my Life. Is that so out of sync with today’s world? I do not know what God’s Plan is but please continue to pray for my Wife and I. I ask for Prayers for my Wife because our problem is a communication issue, she has done nothing wrong. I ask for prayers for myself because I feel that in some way this forum has kept me from falling apart.Please ask God to have Mercy on me, I need help.
This experience has made me realize how much I need God. No matter what happens I intend to keep my faith in him.


Feel that? That’s prayin’

Second best effort thing I can do: recommend you ask your priest for help and advice. If nothing else, perhaps he can recommend an excellent catholic family therapist.


First I would like to commend you on taking your marridge vows seriously.I will be praying for you and your wife.


You’re a very sweet man. I wish your wife would see your posts, she would be moved by your love for her.

Maybe leave your computer on with this message? Sigh.


i will be praying for you. but may i ask…

have you talked to your wife about these plans of yours? i mean in the “ok, since you dont want to live with me, would you prefr i moved out into a studio?” way…
because sometimes… well sometimes when we are deepressed… we only hear what we think we will hear.
SHE may see your marriage very differently.


God bless you. If only your wife could read The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands by Laura Schlessinger… This book SOOO accurately describes how women today tend to be tainted by a culture of feminism and a “What can you do for ME, ME, ME” attitude. If only more women could realize that their “unhappiness” comes from themselves, not their husbands…

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