Lost Respect for my Mother

I’ve lost all respect for my Mother because she is an unwavering supporter of Obama and the Democrats, regardless of their stand on abortion or religious liberty. How do I obey the commandment to honor her when I do not respect her?

That you can’t respect and support you mother’s beliefs and are very disillusioned in her is an honest reaction of a good person.
Respecting a person doesn’t mean agreeing with them or in not being disillusioned by them.

It’s a hard thing when a mother or father lets you down.

Even if you quietly told her she is wrong in her views and she has supported a man who makes ungodly laws, which I imagine you have in conscience done,
respecting your parent is in being courteous and helpful and in praying for her.

By virtue of obedience.

They are still, no matter what, your parents. To the you owe respect because of who they are, because you are flesh of their flesh.

You have the right to disagree on this matter, but as for the rest, you cast away all pride (which comes from one who hates us), bow your head like a good child of God, and offer unconditional respect to your parents.

You can also disagree in a respectful and reasoned manner.

Please remember that politics and social issues are transitory, but you only have one mother and you are obligated to honor her. Never forget the Fourth Commandment!
There is also an old truism: “One can always choose ones friends, but you are stuck with your relatives”.

Just in case, I reported this post. There’s something about this phrase that does not convince me…coming from someone who said someplace else that he renounced to his salvation, you seem to have such strong Catholic feelings all of a sudden…:shrug:

Well aren’t you high and mighty. Just because I renounce my “salvation” (cough cough) doesn’t mean that I think killing babies is okay.

No, but I don’t have an easy time considering legitimate a post by someone who speaks of renouncing salvation cough cough and then speaks of having lost respect for his mother because she voted for Obama.

Be as prudent as serpents and as candid as doves”.

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