LOST returns!!!!


Are my fellow LOST fans ready?! I can’t wait till this Wednesday. While it’s obvious everyone wants/needs to know what happens to Sawyer and Kate and Jack, I want to know if they’re going to show us Michael and Walt and if they really got away at the end of the 2nd season. I hope they don’t bring anymore newbies into the picture, like they did during the Fall.


I’m sort of excited.

Sort of.

My wife has a schedule c-section for thursday morn (pray for us all) and since we have to be at the hospital by 5:30am, I’m not sure we’re going to watch it Wednesday night.

I’m more concerned/anxious about all of that to care about Lost.


I wish they had shown reruns during the down time, I could have done with a refresher, and I usually miss alot the first time I watch an episode.


TIVO Carrie Andrews TIVO. Best invention man ever made. Tivo is my best friend.

Anyway, I’m psyched that it’s back, but, I won’t watch it til Friday or Saturday. I have class on Weds night, and don’t get home til about 10, and I have things I need to get done before bed, like walking the dog, showering, and eating… usually in that order. I’d watch it on Thursday, but I’m all backed up then, I was Ugly Betty live, while tivoing My Name is Earl, and The Office, then watch Greys Anatomy live while tivoing Scrubs and 30 Rock.

Someone needs to start a thread on My Name is Earl


Go to ABC’s website, you can watch the first 6 episodes of this season for free on there. Usually by Thursday afternoon the Wednesday episode is on the website.


Thanks, I’ll go to the website. I’m not that into TV so I don’t think Tivo is for me, but thanks:thumbsup:
I’m praying for you and your wife and baby, Dandelion wine !!!


BTW, Lost is coming on at 9PM Easter Time, with a look at the personal lives of the survivors. Then the new episode for the season starts at 10PM(the time change is upsetting).

So, the 9PM will be sort of a refresher for those not up to date on the characters.



I actually ended up watching the new show online Friday, it was great!!! You can rewind and fast forward, perfect for me. I thought it explained alot about “the others”, pretty good show!


I also like the website for catching up or rewatching an episode for something I may have missed.

I think the Juliet character is getting very interesting now that we have learned something about her past. Apparently she has discovered how to artificially impregnate people. I wonder if that has to do with how the Korean woman became pregnant. Though I don’t know when she would have been injected for it.


do you think they changed the time so it does not interfere with the other programs like American Idol? At 10:00 they have the audience completely to themselves since I don’t think there are any competing shows at this time.


I think the change to 10PM has to do with the adult content of the program.

My opinion only and who really knows?



I was very disappointed in tonight’s show. They could have done much better. I have already seen 3 horror movies, Final Destinations 1, 2, and 3 and I am sure many more have been done on the topic of death has a pattern and if you are meant to die but saved you will still die another death. It just seems like they are running out of ideas and I like the show because it is unique. If they continue this storyline it will be anything but unique and the final destination movies are probably better.


I had read somewhere that they didn’t want to go up against American Idol and that’s why the time changed.

So far one vote against last night.

Me? Not sure. I commented to my wife how usually person-centric stories are flashbacks. You see something going on on the island, you see a 2-minute flashback.

Last night was more of a story in a story. They left the island and stayed with Desmonds story for quite awhile - enough that it spanned several commercial breaks.

My wife’s first comment was - they can’t kill my Charlie.

I really like him. 'Course I don’t want any of the major characters gone.

So - now there’s a new twist. Did Desmond actually return? Was it all in his head? If he did return - that opens up a whole can of worms.

Another interesting episode.


Another interesting thing last night was that we got to learn that there are people throughout the world connected to the island. That old lady told Desmond that if he didn’t punch in the code every 108 minutes, it would have bad effects on her and other’s.

Also, his ability to see the future is now going to be used to help the survivors to realize their purpose on the island.

I thought it was a good episode, but they could’ve spread this part of the story out through other episodes instead of sticking with it on this one episode.

Anyway, the said next week, the answer to 3 of the mysteries about the island will be revealed.



Thanks Carrie! We had a baby girl! She was only 9 lbs, 13ozs. :smiley:

Mom and baby are doing fine.


I’m so mad right now. The station went out right before the ending and now I don’t know what happened. It got cut off when they showed the mark on Juliet


He told her to go over to the Aloe plant and rip off a stem. She brought it over to him and he started to apply it to her, when it went off.

They actually put a bomb in her and he triggered it by touching it - so that killed her and actually blew off his hand! :eek:

Just kidding. He did put the aloe on her.

Instead of describing what happened, go over to abc.com and I think you can watch it online. Otherwise if you have high speed, I could send you the end as a mpg or avi.

So what did everyone think? At one point my wife said at a commercial - I’m not impressed.

When it was all over, I thought what were the 3 questions they answered?

And what was the symbol on Juliette? When she was going to be marked, I thought she was going to get a tattoo like Jack.


We did at least learn the meaning of Jack’s tatoo and how he got it.


I saw the rest of it online and I also am not impressed. I am actually hoping this show comes to an end soon. If that was supposed to be the answer to 3 secrets of the island they sure weren’t anything special. The show has lost its mysteriousness that it once had. Now it is just about a couple groups of people at war with each other. I liked it better when I thought the island had some supernaturalness to it. It still kind of does especially with the Desmond episode but the show is not like it once was. I’m bored and want an ending.


I was very disappointed in this weeks show, I guess I’ll check it out again at some point on the net, because I must have missed something. I thought it was R rated though, maybe that’s why they took a later time slot?

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