lost rosary

is it bad to loose a rosary? imean not break but just totaly loose it? i used to carry around the glow in the dark one i got from religuos ed (like years ago) for my first communion. but have long since lost it. is that bad? i was young and not very bright and usualy lost things. i didnt throw it away but just never found it. and is it appropriate to just buy new one?

People lose things - part of being fallible! As long as you didn’t intentionally throw it away or something.

I’ve lost rosaries before. I just hope that someone might find it, get curious and discover the church. God works in mysterious ways you know.

thanks, i never thought about it much but then i started reading some of the other threads about rosaries and started feeling guitly, my grandmother got me a relay nice wwoden one from juerselum for my confirmation. but im afraid to carry it around its so nice, and big and abit cumbersome.

For heaven sakes go buy another rosary. I have dozens of them all around my house if you were here, I would give you a couple. If you are overly concerned about loosing another, don’t get it blessed. I have little plastic ones my children played with as toddlers. We never blessed them and the children learned to use them. When they were old enough to appreciate a nice one, we got them one.

before I cleaned house last week I could have put my hands on at least half a dozen rosaries, most in cases. this morning I could not find one except the one by my bedside, which I did not want to take outside because it belongs to MIL. I just wanted a rosary to take on my walk. found one of the cheap plastic ones in my truck. beats me where I put the other 5-6 rosaries.

Each Rosary of mine is special and has so much meaning.
My favorite is a simple wood Rosay all brown and perfect for my fingers as I pray. It was given to me by a Priest who had just returned from Medjugorie.
I have lost this Rosary at least 5 times and each time I pray to St. Helen, the Saint who found the True Cross of Jesus and immediately it somehow reappears.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph,
I love you, save souls.

Well, pray that it will be useful to someone who find it.
Once, I found a rosary when I was waiting for a bus. It strengthened my faith. It’s a small (a decade only). simple rosary. Now, I bring it everywhere I go.

You never know what God could use it for. :slight_smile:
Btw, it’s my 500th post!

congradulations mister 500

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