Lost ?

I am a Catholic who lives in the USA California but from eastern origin .
I start seeing Catholic churches here having meeting for the LGTB groups and acceptong them as if no sin ? even yesterday a guy from the LGTB with his ally came out and gave a speech about their right and so on … ? I didnt see the church talking once about Santa Monica Ban of Christmas Decorations ?? . I love my church and ready to die for my faith but I started to feel the churches here are getting more and more liberal and deviating from the true teaching of the church and mainly of the Jesus .
I once thought about joining Pre-Vatican Ii Church ? what should I do ? Should I stay at home and live just with God ? Are we at the end of days ? if the church publicly change its attitude about marriage I will definitely leave the church immediately and join a baptist church or orthodox church but I love Virgin Mary and I believe in the catholic teachings about her .
God help us all and keep catholics on the orthodox way .

I don’t know much about your church, but remember that we’re supposed to hate the sin, not the sinner. For that matter, homosexuality isn’t even a sin, only homosexual acts. (Someone check me on this) Although I do think it’s odd your church would have an LGBT speaker come in.

EDIT: Oh, and I’ve never heard any other stories like this, so it really might just be your church

When I lived in Calif it seemed there was a Catholic church on every corner. Perhaps there is another church nearby that is more in line with Catholic teaching.

If you search online there may even be a legitimate Latin Mass in your area. Here’s a link to a directory: latinmass.com/latinmassdirectory.html

Good luck! And don’t be discouraged. I’d be reluctant to go back to a church which featured a LGBT speaker, but I would not attend a schismatic church either.

I agree with the other posters on this matter. You should really find another Catholic Church to attend.
I thought that many Diosceses in the US had banned overtly gay organizations from Parishes. I think a letter to your local Bishop about this situation may be in order here. If not that, at least a telephone call of inquiry.
As for the Catholic Church approving homosexual behavior, etc.-It will never happen! EVER!

Thank You all for your help I really appreciate it
God bless you all

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