LOTH 16 January 2010


I have a couple of questions for those of you who pray the Office Of Readings. No real reason except curiosity:blush:

  1. Today we have the option of the Memorial for the BVM on Saturday. How many of you chose this option? Yes, this involves a bit of page jumping. In the 4 volume edition published by Catholic Book Company, I started on page 1642, flipped to the hymn on page 1614, flipped to the Psalter on page 807, and flipped to the first reading on page 73.:juggle:

  2. And now we had several choices for the second reading. Which one did you choose? I chose the one on page 1625:yup:

  3. O yes, I sung the hymn on page 1614 to the tune of Tallis Canon. One of my favourite hymn tunes when I was a choir boy mumble-mumble years ago:harp:


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