LOTH--All Saints or Sunday Evening II?

My dh and I use Christian Prayer to pray the Hours. But, we were confused Sunday evening because it was the Eve of All Saints on a Sunday. Should we have prayed Sunday Evening II or All Saints Evening I? We opted for Sunday Evening II assuming that Sunday takes precedence. Was that correct? Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Correct, Sunday Evening Prayer was the one to use.

My guide to the four volume said to use EP I for All Saints.

Joann is right. According to the Table of Liturgical Days, Sundays in Ordinary Time are ranked sixth but solemnities of the saints listed in the general calendar are ranked third. Thus, the proper evening prayer would have been Evening Prayer I of All Saints.

Either way, the Lord enjoys listening to your prayers.

Thanks for the replies, everyone. :smiley: We didn’t know where to find the info about this, and so just did what we assumed was right. Anyway, thanks, dcrowmik for the reference.:tiphat: I’ve bookmarked it.

Interesting! I had the same question after my confirmation sponsor and I prayed EPII for all saints (on monday evening, the actual day of all saints). The table is just what I needed! I was actually just going to post this question, as you did!

There’s a nice table to go with that (I mean that sort of table you’d create in MS Word) which shows what can and cannot be celebrated on each class of liturgical day. Unfortunately, I can’t find it online.

You may be interested in this document to which the Table of Liturgical Days is appended: GNLY.

You’re right, my mistake.

The GNLY #61 provides the norms for making the decision as to which Evening Prayer to celebrate for a day calls for its own Evening Prayer II and Evening Prayer I of the following day.

Thank you, again for the further discussion and the fresh references. I’ve bookmarked them, as well.

Speaking of Christian Prayer, we noticed a small typo in Sunday Evening Prayer II Week II. The hymn selection reads “4 or 32”. It should be “40 or 32”. A very small matter considering one is not absolutely bound by those suggestions, but I thought I’d pass it along for those who use CP. :wink: We noticed it because we also have a copy of Shorter Christian Prayer in which 40 is the selection. Another clue was that hymn 4 is “Morning Has Broken”–hardly appropriate for Evening Prayer. :whacky:

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