LOTH beginner question for 10/23


For the optional memorial for John of Capistrano, the St. Joseph Guide has p. 1763 for MP and p. 733 for the Morning Prayer Psalm.

PP. 1764-1765 have the MP Antiphons which presumably should be used for the optional memorial day (i.e. for a Pastor). But p. 1764 (very bottom) has “Psalms and canticle from Sunday, Week I, 652”.

I am confused. Page 733 or 652 for the MP Psalm…and why?



Which book are you using for the LOTH? Working in page numbers doesn’t work very well since there are so many different forms.


A Memorial or Optional Memorial would use the Psalms and Antiphons of the Weekday.

You would use the Pss and Ants from the Common of a Pastor (and the Pss would be of Sunday Wk1) ONLY if you were elevating the day to a Solemnity or Feast.


I use the same book… and I think that I may have an answer

St. John of Capistrano (and tomorrow St. Anthony Claret) are optional memorials If you read the General Instruction (no. 235) "in the Office of Readings and In Morning and Evening Prayer, the psalms and antiphons are taken from the current week and day unless they are proper psalms… the antiphon for the invitatory, the hymn, the reading, the antiphons for the Benedictus and Magnificat, and the intercessions are those of the saint oif they are given in the proper; otherwise, they are taken from either the common, or the week and day; the prayer is as proper… Daytime and night prayer are those from the current day"
Hope this helps!

(I just recently found this out too!)



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