I want to start praying the Divine Office, but I’m unsure of a few things:

  1. Are there different versions/types, or are they all the same?
  2. Where would I start?
  3. How do I stay committed, as it seems like a major task starting out?


Some of your questions might be answered in the “sticky” (saved threads/FAQ’s) at the top of this forum. Its a good resource.


Agree on consulting the sticky.

Be forewarned, it’s habit-forming! :wink:

But to start, don’t overdo it. Start in bite-sized chunks. Compline (Night Prayer) before going to bed, because it’s easiest, then Lauds (Morning Prayer) and Vespers (Evening Prayer).

Or maybe mid-day and night, as they’re structurally the easiest and relatively short compared to Morning, Evening and Office of Readings. The latter though is structurally simple and has the advantage of being able to be said at any time of the day and it’s the richest office because of the scriptural, patristic and hagiographic readings. So there are many possibilities to start. Just don’t overdo it at the start, because it’s takes some time to make this a habit and it’s easy to get discouraged by overdoing it.

Eventually you will want to go further, if you take it one step at a time.


Buy “Christian Prayer” which has the LOH for the entire year in one volume. Start praying Lauds (morning) or Vespers (evening) because those are the most important.


I started by downloading the ebreviary app on my ipad, which is a very simple way to begin. Then, since I like books and wanted to read the daily office, I bought the 4 volume set and made an appointment with my priest for a lesson on how to use it. I read the office every day and sometimes add some of the other hours. It seems like a great way to start.


I have a one volume copy of the Liturgy of the Hours with a three year cycle (which repeats every 3 years, of course.) When I was in the Convent, I used it, but I still find it a bit awkward to use by myself, rather than in Community. I have recently purchased the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin, and am trying to use that instead. I have had some difficulty doing all of the Hours, so am going back to the Morning, Evening & Night prayers, in order to have the time available to continue with studying the Totus Tuus, the Introduction by Blessed John Paul II on the Consecration to Jesus through Mary. Studying the Consecration steps and meditating on them takes a lot of time for me, as I want to be certain I have done it, not just correctly, but prayerfully. I wanted to be ready to make the Consecration on January 1st, the Feast of Mary, Mother of God, but don’t know now if I will be ready. When is the next major Marian Feast Day in 2014? I want to be sure to do my Consecration on a day when my Parish has Mass, which we do not have on Monday or Wednesday, although our Priest does have an evening Mass on Wednesday in a nearby town (weather permitting in winter!) If I don’t feel I have progressed far enough by January 1st, when is the next Feast of Mary in 2014?

Is it necessary to fully understand everything St. de Montfort taught about the Consecration to make the Consecration? Or is the strong desire for Consecration acceptable if not everything is fully understood? I do understand the times for prayer, and the need to devote oneself to these prayer times and to following the Consecration for the rest of my life, just don’t know how knowledgeable I must be ???


See Divine Office. They have each of the hours printed and on audio.


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