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I am confused whether to use the current psalmody or the complementary psalmody for the midmorning prayer. Since midmorning always comes first before midday and midafternoon, what is the point of printing a complementary psalmody for midmorning? You are going to use the current psalmody if you choose to either read all 3 hours or to read any 1 hour right?



You do not need to use the weekday psalmody at Midmorning Prayer. The rubrics call for you to use the weekday psalmody at one of the Daytime hours, and the Complementary Psalmody for the other two. You can licitly choose to pick the Complementary Midmorning psalms, use the weekday psalms for Midday Prayer, and the Complementary Midafternoon Psalms. Or the Complementary Midmorning and MIdday psalms, and the weekday psalms for midafternoon.

If you say only one Daytime hour, you always pick the weekday psalmody.



Also, for the weekday psalms, do you read:

Antiphon > Psalm > Glory be > Repeat Antiphon > Psalm-prayer OR
Antiphon > Psalm > Psalm-prayer > Glory be > Repeat Antiphon?



Antiphon > Psalm > Glory > Antiphon.

I do not say the psalm-prayers but I sometimes reflect on them silently. The psalm-prayers are completely optional.

If you do, however then the order is

Antiphon > Psalm > Glory > Antiphon > Psalm prayer
Antiphon > Psalm > Glory > Psalm prayer > Antiphon (as printed in the 4-volume Liturgy of the Hours), but when the office is sung, that is quite disruptive, so when the office is sung, this order isn’t usually used, and the Psalm prayer is usually omitted or said after the antiphon is repeated.

The Glory to the Father always concludes the Psalm or Canticle. It never concludes the Psalm-prayer.

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Lastly, when I do the evening prayer do I still need to start with psalm 95 (skipped Lord, open my lips) > Glory be. Or do I start with God, come to my assistance?



No the invitatory psalm only precedes the first hour which you’re saying that day (usually the Office of Readings or Morning Prayer).

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No. The invitatory is said only before the first hour of the day, and that is Morning Prayer or the Office of Readings. If you skipped either Morning Prayer or the Office of Readings at the start of the day and say only Vespers, you do not say the Invitatory anymore.

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