LotH-help, please!


I have decided that I would like to begin praying at least the Night Prayers (Compline) from the Liturgy of the Hours in hope that they will ease my mind. I have been experiencing some disturbing dreams as of late, but by praying Compline I hope that I will have greater trust in God to protect me as I sleep.

Now, for my request for help: there are certain prayers that have an antiphon preceding them, then have the same antiphon printed beneath their endings. I found them online at ebreviary.com. How are those particular prayers prayed? Are they prayed like a responsorial psalm (with the antiphon said wherever I see an asterisk), or do I say the antiphon, read the prayer through, and then say the antiphon again? I apologize for my cluelessness; I have never prayed Compline, or any part of the Liturgy of the Hours before, but any help would be appreciated. :blush:


Typically, you pray the antiphon only at the beginning of the Psalm or Canticle and at its end.

If you have never prayed Compline before, you might want to consider purchasing Night Prayerbook. It contains the prayers of Compline in an easy-to-follow format: there is no flipping pages or needing to know when to repeat things. You just pray it straight through.


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