LOTH help


Sort if this has been beaten to death but I couldn’t find anything.

I have a one volume breviary that I have just begun using. I am struggling to figure out which biblical and non-biblical reading I am supposed to do with the Office of Readings. There’s the two year reading plan … Confused, help?


The one-volume breviary doesn’t include the Office of Readings. You need the four-volume version for that. However, the Divine Office web site has what you need – divineoffice.org/


More precisely: Christian Prayer contains “selections” of the Office of Readings*, which gets pretty repetitive pretty quickly unless you supplement the material.

(* That, and the “selections” of Daytime Prayer, is *how *they whittle four volumes down to one :wink: )



What might be helpful to you is the Divine Office (LOTH) thread on Feb. 19.


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