LOTH OOR Hymn, 13 January


For those of you who like to read stories about hymns, today's LOTH OOR Hymn has an interesting story. It may not be true, but it has been told of several congregations during our War For Independance from England.

The hyme in question is "God, whose almighty word", with the rare meter of 664.6664. The LOTH calls this hymn tune "Moscow", but cyberhymnal calls it "Italian Hymn". It was written by an Italian. gosh.:doh2: Link for cyberhymnal:


Go to hymn tunes by name, click on "I", and scroll down to "Italian Hymn". Several hymns have been written to this tune. Now it just so happens that the hymn "God Save The King" also has a meter of 664.6664, usually sung to the tune we now know as "My Country, 'tis of thee".

And the story is that British troops would enetr a church, and DEMAND the congrgation to sing God Save the King. The organist would duly play the tune for God Save the King, and the congrgation woulsd sing the words associated with the Italiam Hymn. Try it, it works both ways.:D


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