LOTH propers for Saints not on the General Calendar?



St. Brigid of Kildare’s feast is tomorrow. She was a very holy saint sharing my background and I would like to honour her, as I do all saints from that era of my culture’s history. St. Brigid is not on the General Roman Calendar, however, and so she does not have any propers in the 4-volume set used in Canada, where I live.

There are two questions here:

  1. Are there actually Propers (Collect, Office of Readings 2nd reading, etc.) for this saint that can be universally used outside Ireland? If not, should I use the prayers and readings provided in the Commons? How do I know which Common to use?

  2. If there is a place with approved Propers for St. Brigid, would it have prayers for St. Aidan of Lindisfarne, and famed saints of Brythonic-Celtic-Anglo-Saxon history, as well as other “obscure” saints of different nations?

Thank you…

  1. Yes. Use the “commons” -]specifically the Common of Holy Women, then more specifically, for Religious—that means a lot of page-turning/-].
    Use the Common of Virgins.

There is no proper prayer for St Brigid in the US Liturgy of the Hours, nor in the US version of the Roman Missal (if there were, I would just type it for you). However, keep in mind that the actual “prayer”* from the Liturgy of the Hours is also the Opening Collect from the Mass of the day. So, if you can locate a text of the Mass of the Day for St Brigid, you could use that that prayer within the LOTH. If you have a missal or missallette from Ireland (even an old one) you could use that text. I would strongly recommend giving preference to the corrected translation (not the old ICEL interpretation) if you have a choice.

Since you’re asking about praying the LOTH privately, there’s no issue with you “mixing” English-language texts from different countries.

  1. Not one single source. One thing you could do is to look at the texts of each country for the respective saint. If there’s great devotion to those other saints in Ireland, then there’s a good chance that the Irish printing of the Roman Missal will contain them. A number of saints, observed only in the US calendar, have such texts, so it stands to reason that other countries will do likewise. Since I don’t have an Irish Missal though, I cannot lookup individual saints.

*of course, it’s all prayer in the sense of praying, I mean “the prayer of the day”



The feast of St Brigid celebrates her as “Virgin” not “Holy Women, Religious”



Thank you for these replies, Father. They are very clear and helpful.


This seems to have the Collect:


Well, not quite…

I’m still looking.

Another source lists St Brigid as Abbess (so we’re back to Holy Women, Religious)


That’s great. Thanks Marty.

I’d suggest using the Collect from that Mass text as the concluding prayer for the LOTH for St Brigid, along with the Common of Holy Women, Religious (back to the page turning).


I have the British Breviary (which includes the propers for the Irish saints). Under February 1 in the Irish section, it says Saint Brigid, virgin, and that one can use either the Common of Virgins or Common of Women Saints: Religious.

She also doesn’t have a proper second reading, although there are some approved alternative second readings for Ireland written by Irish Saints (like Saint Patrick) that can be used along with the commons.


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