LOTH question for 11/22


In Vol IV of Breviary from CAtholic Book PUblishing.

11/22 is Memorial for St. Cecilia and directs to common of one martyr or common of virgins. I chose Common of Virgins where MP begins on p. 1800. On p. 1801 it is stated that Psalms and Canticle should be taken from Sunday, Week 1, p. 652.

That all made sense to me.

But the St. Joseph’s Guide says the Psalms for MP should come from p. 775…which is MP for Saturday in Week 1. This would make sense if 11/22 was a ferial day, but since it is a Memorial…and stated to be such in the Guide…I would think the directions from the Commons would control.

So, I am confused. Why does the Guide direct to one of the two appropriate Commons…but then diverge from the directions in the Commons and send the pray-er to p. 775 for the Psalms?

I was hoping that LOTH for Dodos would get me beyond these questions!



Memorials are not treated in the same way as a Feast or Solemnity, both of which direct us to M.P. from Sunday of Week 1. Memorials use the current weekday, generally, unless they have an assigned Canticle of Zechariah and Mary. The option referring you to the Common of Virgins is optional for communities particularly devoted to St. Cecelia, such as a parish Church of the Saint. You never need to use the Commons unless it is denoted “Feast.”


OK. Thanks. If I understand correctly…

  1. The Guide is correct. Because 11/22 was a “only” a Memorial, the Psalms are taken from the Psalter on whatever is the proper day…in this case, Saturday of Week I.


  1. The instruction in the Common of Virgins referring the pray-er to Sunday of Week I in the Psalter (i.e. the instruction on p. 1801) would only be followed on a Feast or Solemnity.

Now paging through the Calendar, I wonder if there are ANY Feasts or Solemnities which in-fact refer the pray-er to the Common of Virgins??? (I couldn’t spot any with quick overview.)

If in-fact there are no Feasts or Solemnities that refer the pray-er to the Common of Virgins, that would mean that the instruction on p. 1801 would never be followed! And if that’s the case…what’s the point of it being there in the first place?

Just trying for a full understanding…



You are correct on statement 1.

I would imagine the reference to the Commons for Virgins is just a convenience for those religious communities or churches that have a special devotion to a particular saint and wish to celebrate the day with more festivity. Other than that, I can see no reason for it being there, and it confuses a newcomer thinking that all of these memorials have to use Sunday Week 1. I remember doing that myself and began to feel an annoyance for that psalter being used almost constantly. When I expressed my dismay about it, a kindly nun gave me proper instruction. It’s always good to ask. :slight_smile:


You have the option of using the Common from the Reading onward (except for any proper antiphons and, of course, the proper closing prayer.) The Psalmody would always follow the current weekday.

So, after using the weekday for the 2 psalms and canticle at the beginning, you have the choice of either continuing on with the weekday or flipping back to the common for the reading, responsory, canticle antiphon (unless proper), and intercessions.


Thanks for the very helpful answers!


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