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I got a free copy of Magnificat and have been praying the LOTH for the first time. However, the prayers in Magnificat don’t match up with prayers in the breviary. Just curious why they are different? I also just purchased Shorter Christian Prayer from eBay and I know it will be a little confusing so I’m just trying to understand beforehand. Thanks!

The morning and evening prayers in Magnificat are abbreviated offices “drawn from” the LOTH (source: magnificat.net/english/index.asp), not the official texts of Morning and Evening Prayer as found in the breviary.

The Single Volume of Christian Prayer, the Liturgy of the Hours, will be the same as the four volume set for morning and evening prayer.

You can use divineoffice,org for the pages for either the single volume or the four volume set.


Thank-you both! And if my understanding is correct, the Shorter Christian Prayer book will be the same 4 weeks repeated over and over? I struggled between getting that one and the Christian Prayer book… I thought for a newbie the former would be better. Hopefully it won’t get too repetitive!

Yes, the single volume, “Christian Prayer The Liturgy of the Hours,” like the 4 Volume Set, is a 4 week cycle.


I didn’t realize that it was the same 4 week rotation in both the 4 volume set as well as the single volume. Thanks for clarifying.

For years my wife and myself used the single volume and when we prayed the LOTH’s with our OCDS group, many had the 4 volume set and Vespers were the same.

In fact, the benefit of the single volume is that it includes the music for the hymns where the 4 volume set, only has the lyrics.

God Bless

OK, already a little frustrated: I got the book and today should be Friday Week IV but the psalms aren’t matching up to what’s on divineoffice.org/

:confused: What am I doing wrong???

OK, now I’m even more confused.

Since today is St. Luke’s feast day, that’s probably why the readings aren’t in SCP. However, Divine Office lists Friday Week IV as tomorrow’s prayers. www.universalis.com lists Saturday Week IV as in SCP.

And what do I do on Sundays?

Sorry for all the questions but I really want to start using SCP soon!

Today is the memorial of St. Luke, so for evening prayer, the psalms are from the common of the Apostles, page 1394, just as divineoffice.org states.

Are you using the single volume Christian Prayer, The Liturgy of the Hours, by Catholic Book Publishing ?


What’s SCP ?

OK, divineoffice.org has the pages listed for tomorrow as Friday Week IV, wrong, It should be Saturday week IV page 978. Its the feast of Isaac Jorgues and John De Brebeuf, page 1297. For Morning Prayer use the Antiphons from page 1402, and the Psalms from 1297.

In other words, you read the Antiphon from 1402, and then the Psalm from 1297. Everything else comes from after the Antiphons on 1402.

BTW, your book should’ve included a little white guide book. That has the correct pages.

divineoffice,org, needs to correct theirs.


BTW, Saturday evening in Ordinary Time, is always Evening Prayer I, for Sunday.


SCP=Shorter Christian Prayer
CP=Christian prayer

Unfortunately, there are no guides for this book so the page numbers don’t match up. I was trying to coordinate the readings in SCP with the readings as listed for CP and then got confused.


Well at least you discovered an error at divineoffice.org.

Myself, I use the guide mostly, and every now and then, they have errors too.


FYI, I posted the error at divineoffice.org on their FB page.

They responded and it is fixed.

Now I know where to get resolutions when needed.


It’s actually the feast of St. Luke. Memorials don’t usually use the psalms from the Commons, but use the daily psalms unless it’s a memorial with proper antiphons.

Feasts on the other hand, use the Sunday psalms for morning prayer, and the psalms from the Commons for Evening Prayer.

And once again, I learn something new about the LOTH’s.

Merci Beaucoup ! :thumbsup:


I prayed the morning and evening prayers today. I think I have the flow of it although there is a section entitled “Morning Prayer” that has the Invitatory (with antiphon and psalm) however in the Psalter there is a section that says “Invitatory” and has a different antiphon. I’m not really sure about which one to pray. . .

The Invitatory Antiphon is for the day. If its a feast day, such as St Isaac Jorgues was yesterday, then it’s from the common of Martyrs as it stated.


I have been praying LOTH by using the online version:universalis.com/.
It was straightforward. Recently the parish priest convinced me a Christian prayer book is better. He ordered some for the parish so I purchased one - the large font.

In order to do it right, I start by using the online version as a reference and I have questions. Using today’s morning prayer as an example, the book says to use no 6 or 82 for the hymn.
But both 6 and 82 on the back of the prayer book, page 1507 and on, are different from the Hymn in online version. Can anyone help? Thanks.

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