LOTH Resource?

I was going to prepare a table for someone I was helping pray the Hours for the different liturgical seasons.

Basically, there would be one section for each season, and each section would have a table on a particular ‘Hour’. The parts of that Hour (e.g. Introduction, Hymn, Antiphon, Psalmody, Reading, etc.) would be along the top, and along the side would be Solemnity, Feast, Memorial, Optional Memorial, Sunday, Weekday. The cells of the table would indicate whether something is taken from the Psalter, Proper of Seasons, etc.

As I said, I was going to prepare this, but it occurred to me that given the increasing popularity of the LOTH, someone might have already come up with this. Anyone know?

There’s a guide printed for every year.

You might find what you’re looking for in this website - catholicbookpublishing.com/list/category/annual+Guides

Hope this helps! Peace and all good.

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