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Is LOTH (post-Vatican II edition - 4 vol. set) using in any monastery?
or they pray according their traditional methods?

If you would like to post your question over in our Benedictine Spirituality Forum here at CAF . . . (please see the link to the forum below) . . . we have a considerable number of devout Benedictine Oblates who are very faithful in the forum . . . all of whom pray the Liturgy of the Hours/Divine Office in some form or another . . . and I’m sure one or another of them can answer your question . . . Oblates are connected to the individual monasteries in which they have taken their vows . . . so their awareness of monastery practices is probably considerably more than most Catholic laymen . . .

We’re just starting a series of reflections in the Forum right now on the Liturgy of the Hours . . . from material by Pope John Paul II . . .

God bless . . .

Link to Benedictine Spirituality Forum: forums.catholic.com/group.php?groupid=35

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The Impression I was given (while in a Cistercian monastery) was that many of the more active monasteries use the four-volume LotH. The more contemplative monasteries tend to use a revised version of the Monastic LotH.

It depends on the religious order/community and can vary by house/priory/monastery.

We Carmelties (O.Carm.) use the post-Vatican II edition, which is what is required by Canon Law for all priests and deacons within the Latin Catholic Church. It is also required by our Constitutions for all Carmelites. Our novitiate uses the 4 volume set. The priory where I live uses the one volume.

thanks for your responses…

For the Benedictines, there is the THESAURUS, which is a source for hymns, antiphons, collects, and Psalter schemata from which norms individual houses base their own useage of the Divine Office.

Translations into French and English of the Carthusian Office and Mass texts, including chant, are available on line from their web site.

I do not know about Cistersians or Trappists.

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