LOTR Fans!

The Hobbit has been cast.


The only name I recognize there is Richard Armitage from Spooks/MI-5 and Robin Hood, among other things.

I was actually afraid to watch LoTR, I was convinced that Hollywood would just ruin it. After seeing a couple of trailers, I decided to risk it. I was really impressed with it, on the whole. There were a couple of casting choices I wasn’t thrilled with, and I was sad that they left out Tom Bombadil & Goldberry, but … on the whole, it was very well done, I thought :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to the Hobbit! :slight_smile:

I felt much the same way but couldn’t pass up seeing it brought to life on the screen. I wasn’t disappointed since I pretty well knew ahead of time what “Hollywood” would choose to play up (action, special effects and romance)

Frankly I wasn’t surprised that they skipped Tom Bombadil, but I was somewhat disappointed that they didn’t develop the Gimli and Legolas characters at least some… there was a lot there between those two. I think they missed a bet there.
Ah well…
The books still remain the best way to experience “middle Earth”


I also missed Tom Bombadil. The Galadriel character was totally off. she came across as very cold and spooky.

but all told LOTR was the best movie version of a book that I’ve seen so far. Given always that the book is better.

I’m just happy that they finally decided on Peter Jackson as the director.

I missed Bombadil, too. Good take on the weirdness of Galadriel: she seemed off in her own strange zone. The last movie wasn’t so good: just one big battle that sometimes seemed like a computer game.

I wish they had cut down the length of the battle sequences (how many Orcs can you watch bite the dust?) so that they could have shown the growing relationship between Eowyn and Faramir.

They picked the perfect Bilbo, I loved him in BBC’s Sherlock as Dr. John Watson! The Lord of the Rings films are my most favorite films of all time (next to Star Wars, all SIX of them) and I have no doubt that Peter Jackson will keep the Hobbit up to the amazing standard he set with LotR.

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