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It boils my blood to turn on CNN and hear Lou Dobbs ranting his bigotry toward Christianity (Catholicism in particular). I wish he would keep his sneers and atheistic views to himself.

Send him and e-mail, I just did.

Does he disturb other Christians here on this forum as much as he disturbs me? Why does CNN let him continue? :mad:


I’m actually happy that CNN lets him continue, because it thereby demonstrates the folly of people who accuse CNN of being left wing (and as your post shows, it also helps break down the notion that only left-wingers are anti-Christian)! CNN strikes me as a fairly representative network that gives voice to a lot of different perspectives–as it should. I disagree with Dobbs nearly every time I hear him speak, but I don’t want him shut down.



Interesting perspective. Thank you for dispersing some of my anger. :slight_smile:



Did you get a load of the e-mail from the self professed “practicing Catholic” woman last night on Dobb’s show who said she was pro-choice, pro-contraception among other things and receives Holy Communion weekly? Unbelievable!



:bigyikes: :eek: :bigyikes:


I dont understand what you mean here…
How does it break down the notion that only left-wingers are anti-Christian?


Can someone fill me in…what did he say?


Dobbs for sure is not conservative. And anyone who bothers to watch CNN knows they lean left. Always have.


Well, he’s a raving xenophobe. I’m glad to hear that that doesn’t come under your definition of “conservative,” but it certainly isn’t normally associated with liberalism.

What is liberal about Dobbs? Practically every time I hear him he’s going on about the threat to our society posed by immigrants. That’s generally a right-wing fixation.



What left-wing views does Dobbs hold? His position on immigration is certainly not liberal in any sense.



He is for Higher taxes and more Govt regualtion on Business. Not exactly what one would call conservative. Now name me some “other” conservatives on CNN.


I really don’t care. All I know is that whenever I see coverage of the immigration issue, the CNN folks look like rabid ultra-nationalists.

Similarly with their coverage of the early stages of the war, which was highly biased toward the U.S. government’s perspective.

Of course, this is invisible to most of you, because you assume ultra-nationalism as part of natural law, which it isn’t.

Maybe we should stop trying to put people into cubbyholes?



You are the one who put Dobbs in the :conservative’ cubbyhole. Beacause ONE of the legion of commentator made somments you consider to be conservative(but are not) you exclaim that CNN is not biased to the left.


That is one of the reasons I don’t watch news other than for headlines. (The other reasons being they talk too much about certain stories- like Fox did after Anna Nicole Smith died- and the shows bring on guests and just argue, rather than discuss things maturely.

Why? That tells him people are watching his show. Just ignore him. If people just ignored the shows they didn’t like rather than complain about them, if they were really that bad, they would have too small an audience and get cancelled.

He doesn’t bother me. Then again, I am not easily offended. CNN lets him continue because he brings in money (The same reason MSNBC let Imus continue for so long- he made even more people mad). If people who don’t like him just ignore his show, instead of getting bent out of shape about it, it will probably get cancelled.


No, I did no such thing. I never said Dobbs was conservative. I said that his views on immigration are not compatible with what is currently called liberalism or the “left” in the U.S. In other words, I didn’t put him in a conservative cubbyhole, but I pointed out that he quite flagrantly resists being put in a liberal one.

I am happy if you do not think that Dobbs’s xenophobic views are conservative (because I would on the whole identify myself as a conservative). But I’m pretty sure most liberals would say that they are very far from liberal.

And CNN headline news has Glenn Beck. He seems to spout every conservative cliche there is.

CNN seems pretty middle-of-the-road to me. You guys think it is liberal because you are so far to the right.

Just to put my own political views in perspective–the presidential candidate I strongly favor is Sam Brownback!



Who says you have to be either? I have seen both liberal and conservatives take positions I agree with, and I have seen both liberals and conservatives take positions I disagree with. I’m not going to put myself into one political ideology, and ignore the parts of that ideology that I don’t agree with.


What exactly does Lou Dobbs say that is anti- Christian?


What do you mean by “ultra-nationalism”? Love of one’s clan, people and country are all part of natural law. Loving all clans, peoples, and countries is part of natural law too. But my understanding is that natural law teaches one to have a special love for the former. I learned this from Pat Buchanan (he spoke about it on TV once).

Lou Dobbs, once when he was on The O’Reilly Factor, described himself as a “conservative.”

I do not consider Lou Dobbs a “xenophobe.” The fact that on virtually every program he does a feature on illegal immigration does not make him a xenophobe. I’ve never seen him be critical of legal immigration. Your use of an unqualified term “immigration” was misleading IMO unless I am in error and he is critical of legal immigration as well (but I would then say that there’s nothing wrong with being critical of legal immigration policy – we should have a discussion in our nation about what is the wisest legal immigration policy)

It’s much more likely that Lou Dobbs is trying to get ratings by focusing on illegal immigration than it being a reflection of xenophobia. But I don’t think he’s doing either. IMO, he sincerely cares about the welfare of our nation and feels that illegal immigration puts it at great peril. Calling Lou Dobbs a “xenophobe” is an instance of name-calling in place of rational debate. We should have rational debate on every issue our society faces and that man faces. Even emotionally charged issues like abortion. Discussion and debate is the only way to resolve our differences and live peacably.

Bill O’Reilly’s attitude to illegal immigration approximates Lou Dobbs, it seems. Do you consider Bill O’Reilly a xenophobe too? How about Pat Buchanan? You may very well be labelling millions of Americans as “xenophobes” depending on what criteria you are using!


Sigh. . . . that’s my point!

I never said Dobbs was a conservative. I said that any network that has a prominent commentator who takes the position on immigration he does is hardly a uniformly liberal one, and furthermore that a media commentator whose main objection to Christianity seems to be Christian support for illegal immigrants (not necessarily for illegal immigration, but I’m not going to get into the issue itself on this thread) is hardly your standard left-wing anti-Christian. Dobbs’s attack on the Catholic Church’s position on immigration shows that one can oppose Catholicism for other than liberal, left-wing reasons. That is all I was saying.



Is it just me, or do I always happen to miss the Liberal rants whenever I turn on CNN or something?

Maybe I should watch CNN more. :wink:

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