Louie Zamperini "Unbroken"


The sequel to Angelina Jolie’s film about Louie Zamperini is about to be released. I’m wondering: Does anybody know whether he ever returned to the Church? He’s described as being a “lapsed Catholic.” Thanks.


Looks as if one can purchase his biography http://www.louiszamperini.net/


True, but I don’t have an interest in reading his bio. I have so much I’m reading and want to read. All I’m want to know is the answer to that one question. I need to buy a book for that?


    September 11

Louie Zamperin

Looks as if one can purchase his biography http://www.louiszamperini.net/


His wife convinced him to attend a Billy Graham Meeting. He reluctantly agreed.

When he heard Billy Graham, he recalled the prayers he said while in prison and he knew that Christ was speaking to him. He recommitted himself to Christ and was part of Billy Graham’s evangelist ministry until Graham convinced him to go on his own as an Evangelist. He did.

Christ became the center of his life until his death. We should praise God for his salvation.



Google can sometimes provide answers you seek.


Grotto, yes, it can. This time it didn’t (at least it didn’t this time). Hence the post.


I don’t believe he returned to the Church.


No…he never returned to the Catholic church…he became a born again Christian after a Billy Graham crusade in 1949 and preached …and practiced…forgiveness through Jesus Christ the rest of his life


Which is interesting because Billy Graham crusades always asked those who came forward what their background was. If it was Methodist, they had a Methodist pastor to speak with you. They had Catholic priests for Catholics (and Billy Graham took a lot of heat from some anti-Catholic denominations for this). The elder Mr Graham encouraged people to stay with their faith. He did not condone what is today called “sheep stealing”.


Yes…I think that like many Catholics they are Catholic in name only…that is what they were born into…baptized etc…no real understanding of their faith…probably even less about having Jesus Christ at the center of their lives…then when they do have a real encounter with the risen Christ…it’s something they never experienced as a Catholic…it really is life changing for many…which Zamperini himself experienced…it happened in my life many years ago…I wasn’t a Catholic at the time…it was through witnessing the life of a Pentecostal workmate I really did experience a “born again” encounter with the Holy Spirit…and it did change my life…immediately…from one moment to the next I knew I needed Jesus Christ in my life…and of course as I grew in faith over the years I knew God was leading me into the Catholic church…it was a natural progression…I think that;s probably why many Catholics leave the church…they encounter Jesus Christ who they never really knew as Catholics…to them I’m sure it’s a life changing experience as well…and they feel more at home with Christ in their Protestant church…I met quite a few of them when I was a Pentecostal…and they were very committed to …and in love with Christ…just imagine if we had a Billy Graham in the Catholic church.


I can respect that.


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