Louisa Trotter

Anyone a fan of Masterpiece Theater from about 30 years ago? My husband and I really enjoyed “The Duchess of Duke Street” back in 1978. We are currently renting the series from Netflix and have seen 12 of the first 15 episodes. Jemma Jones is totally delightful as the fiesty Louisa Trotter. I do have to admit that understanding the fast talking cockney accents can be a bit difficult.

Also on order from Netflix is “Danger UXB,” “The Irish RM,” “Love for Lydia,” and the second series of “The Duchess…” The second series covers the Bentinck during WW I.

I used to be a faithful viewer when Duchess was on PBS. Loved the feisty Miss Trotter. I should look into this – although, lets face it, I don’t need another excuse to watch TV.

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