Louisiana cuisine

Now I say, does any’ya taste a’ fine crawdads. ‘Ave any yous had spicy crawfish? Theys good eatin!

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No thanks! I’ll pass!

How about one big lobster? Actually, when I was small I had a crawdad. My brother got a hold of it, boiled it and ate it.

I like jambalaya.

Just in batter :slight_smile:
Can’t beat Australian yabbies though :wink:

I have never had lobster, crawdads or
crawfish and I don’t plan to start now.
I have had the crab mixture that is put inside the little fried Chinese appetizers (forgot their name) and that is good, but I don’t care for seafood in general.



Mmmm, crawdads drools like homer simpson

Season here has just finished not that long ago.

Do you peel them like shrimp?
Maybe lemon helps!

Tail comes off and gets peeled and eaten. If the claws are big enough it’s worth cracking those but most aren’t big enough. Some people suck the heads but I find there is TOO MUCH concentration of seasoning there. Notice the potatoes and corn. Some people also drop in pieces of sausage, mushrooms, wieners, whole onions.

Not for me after that description although I bet the potatoes and sausage add something.

Thanks for the graphic @CajunJoy65
Do they taste like shrimp?
I wouldn’t even want to hold one!

Nope crawfish have their own taste. Believe me they are a treat.

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All this discussion about Cajun food and no mention of pistolettes?

Is Spanish rice Lousianian? I think it is Mexican right? Creole rice maybe? Anyway I love Cajun spices, peppers, cayenne, that whole vibe but I am vegetarian so I have do all that with rice and/or beans. New Orleans has some of the best food on the planet I think. I can’t bring myself to figure out okra; I stop there. Sadly I think I might really like it.

Crab rangoon? My enjoyment of it really comes down to the restaurant. There’s a Chinese place not far from where I live that makes some absolutely fantastic crab rangoon. Most places leave a lot to be desired in my opinion.

In my opinion, you aren’t missing much. Lobster requires you to drown it in butter and/or garlic sauce, which itself probably has a lot of butter.

Yes, I thought they were called something else, but I asked my daughter-in-law, the culinary queen of the household, and she said they are called crab rangoon. I don’t know what th crab is mixed with, but they are good and I don’t see the actual crab.
I don’t think I would ever eat lobster because of how they are placed in boiling water alive.

Louisiana cuisine is delicious.
While we lived near Houston,we would drive freinds and family visiting to Louisiana.
Dad in particular would enjoy the food and jazz there. Every time they came to US,I knew where he wanted to spend a couple of days…and why!
Every single person I drove there loved it.
I am all for sea food and all that cajun and creole mix is fantastic.

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