Louisiana Man Given Miracle From His Own Adult Stem Cells

A man from Louisiana who was given 1 year to live by his doctor is not only still living, but “thriving” after receiving his own Adult Stem Cells injected into his heart muscle. See the story at Adult Stem Cell Research

That is a wonderful news. Scientists should pursue that angle and stop “playing” with embryos.

******* SARCASM ALERT *******

Must not be true. Why?

*]Was not reported by the Ministry of Propaganda (aka. The Liberal MSM). We all know that it is not true unless they report it.
*]Did not involve embryonic stem cells. We all know adult are useless.
******* End SARCASM ALERT *******

Seriously, the under-reporting of these cures by adult stem cells by the Ministry of Propaganda should how much they are corrupted by the Culture of Death perpetuated by Relativism/Socialism/Liberalism.

You forgot to mention in your sarcasm, that embryonic stem cells are not fertilized eggs.:rolleyes:

But is it possible to get embryonic stem cell without causing destruction to the embryo?

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