Lourdes or Fatima?


We (dh and I) have the opportunity of a lifetime. My dad is giving us a trip to Scotland. As long as we’re on that side of the Atlantic, I want to take advantage and go to Lourdes or Fatima. (We need a major miracle around here. :frowning: )

I just talked to my dad today, and got the go-ahead to make the plans. So I’m looking for any input about experiences in Lourdes or Fatima, which might be the better choice for any reason, whether that’s how crowded they are, ease of getting there, distance from Scotland, personal experiences, anything at all.

I’m hoping the trip will be in June 08.


I say Fatima, since you’re going in the May-Oct period. My wife and I went there in November, kinda dead and dissapointing although it did strenghten my faith.



I went to both in 2006. Tough call on which. In Fatima I was fortunate enough to be asked to carry the litter for procession so that is a memory and a half!

Still I found Lourdes more spiritually moving. I’m also convinced the water I brought home helped my father find the church again and for my wifes emotional healing.

I do believe 2008 is the 150th anniversary of the appritions so crowds will be HUGE.

Have a great trip. Let me know if you have any questions.


As the Holy Father has granted a Plenary Indulgence for Lourdes visits in 2008, I would make that the destination!!



:thumbsup: I’d do Lourdes, although it is a VERY tough call. It’s closer to Scotland too! :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, we’ve been to both and both are wonderful. Both are (for European standards anyway) pretty far away from Scotland…I’m on the Scottish border near Gretna, and a flight from Glasgow would be at least 4 hours, I should imagine…but if you’ve just flown across the Atlantic and are not likely to be back anytime soon, that would not deter you I think.

Fatima is more ‘authentic’ in that it’s not as ‘commercialised’ (i.e. no wall-to-wall shops with tacky souveniers like Lourdes has), but Lourdes does have more to offer in ‘geared-to-English-speaking-pilgrims’. My husband went there 38 times with the Diocesian pilgrimage as a guide, and we went twice together. He prefers Lourdes, I find both beautiful-but different-places. Flight-times will be about the same, hotels in Lourdes will be cheaper though, and the food better…but it’s a tough choice!

As for Scotland, it’s a wonderful country, lots of breathtaking scenery and very nice people:thumbsup:

Anna x


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