Lousiana Healing Cloth -- Need info from anyone who knows about it

I have a friend whose family wants him to use a white flour sack cloth as a means to help heal his son. Leave aside the private devotions and use of relics issues. I want to know more about the cloth itself. The cloth has several things printed on it, including an outline of the State of Louisiana, a picture of Blessed Francis Seelos, Catherine Rutherford (the "little cajun saint), the Immaculate Heart Church and some other stuff. He wants to know from me if it is “legitimate.” Has anyone heard of this? I have confirmed the two individuals named are legitimate, but what else? Can anyone tell me more or direct me where to look?

  1. Why doesn’t he ask his family where they got it?

  2. It seems that homemade relics are not just something from the Middle Ages.

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