Love always has hope


Love always has hope. It, therefore, never condemns another person. It can even alter destiny and change an evil person to a good person. God, therefore, never gives up on us; and even gave up His life in order to save us from sin. There are, therefore, countless accounts of sinners who became saints. Jesus did not give up on Judas although He knew that He would betray Him. He hoped that Judas would reject sin by following Him. He, therefore, brought him into His inner circle of friends. Unfortunately, Judas rejected His friendship by choosing a path of selfishness.


Love is always offered, but not always taken. Judas, after he betrayed Jesus, thought that he was outside that love. He gave up in despair because he thought he couldn’t/wouldn’t be forgiven. Jesus offers His love to everyone. But many trample over it thinking they are too good for it, or it is avoided by those who think they are not good enough for it.


My dear friend

I see our lives as having the one purpose - to love. Love God, our neighbour and ourself. It’s like we’re actors in a giant play and we all have a part to try and be the most loving person we can be. If we are not loving we become invisible in a sense, for evil and sin is nothingness and we become nothingness if we are evil and sinful. We are only real and living in reality when we love. God is infinite Love and we are really kidding ourselves if we think our lives are meant for anything other than to do His will which is to love. God is infinitely perfect and infinitely superior to us in every way and if He commands us to love, as He has, and we ignore this commandment then we are very foolish and when we die and see God and understand everything we will see just how absolutely stupid it was to ever doubt or question God, or distrust Him. We should have blind trust in God. Especially given the number of people I’ve seen mess up their lives because they don’t know who God is or understand the question in the slightest it seems. In the end the only reality is - God is Love. All other reality flows from this and relies on this to be.

God bless you:thumbsup::slight_smile:



“arunangelo” Thank you for this. This is especially helpful for the scrupulous souls (of which, I’m one) to remember.

Anyone who suffers from scruples, knows what I mean. But an example I can think of in my own life. My mother is severely disabled. And this means, that (due to severe weather or her health) we occasionally miss Mass on Sunday or Holy Days of Obligation.

This was something that enemy would use… to “torture” me… with accusations of “Oh, you COULD have gotten to Mass… if you had really WANTED to. NOW you’ve committed a MORTAL sin.” And things, like that.

Your reminder rang a bell of truth. God LOVES us. And therefore, always keeps His love, encouragement and hope for our salvation in His Heart.

God bless you, dear soul.


This is very beautiful. Love certainly has hope. This is such a powerful statement. It can alter destiny.



We are born into sin, no matter what the circumstances. God put us here to reform us and teach us. Through knoweledge and learning we grow. Love is God and God is love.
In order to love and give love we must love ourselves first and formost. If we fail to love ourselves, we will struggle to achieve other goals set for us.
Love thyself and therefore you will love others.


Love has hope because love is God and God can do all things.


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