Love Cannot Be Measured

He demands so much from his followers. You must avoid sins as best as you can. Realistically it is nearly impossible to be as perfect as God wants. Some recommend daily prayer, weekly confessions, daily rosary, adoration, and daily Mass. Does this mean the average Joe will not make it to heaven? If we are not worshiping God every moment, we are sinning. Everyone has more to improve. How many people reach God’s standards of perfection for they die? I will say most do not, yet God is always willing to forgive. God is willing to forgive those who have fallen away in an instant. It takes years to fully rid yourself of all imperfections even. Some sins are more profitable to the perpetrator or are less harmful. Some people foolishly sin in ways that are self-destructive. It is difficult to think equal revenge is a sin. Some people have more weaknesses than others. Some people’s weaknesses make them easy to exploit. Not all weaknesses are created equal. Some find God at the end of their lives, they repent, and enter heaven. While others suffer rejection, loneliness, and despair for the same God. Some people are lucky enough to be accepted by the world and by God. Perhaps, some people have never cared for man’s approval. If God loves us all equally, why are we made so differently? Some of us more vulnerable to the harshest of life than others, while others are strong. Some people’s sins involve immediate intervention, harsh correction, etc. While others sins carry on for years undetected or others do not have the right to comment. Some people’s imperfections are transparent while others are hidden. Some struggle to find and understand God - while others can immediately believe. Why care for spirituality if you live contently in your sins? The afterlife is a promise. The life here on earth is all we know for sure or have control over.

Where did you get the idea that we need to be perfect?
We need to grow in mercy and love, forgiveness and charity.
Even toward ourselves.
If we believe we are lost, then that’s a bad place to rest.
HOPE. Christ’s message is one of love, mercy, forgiveness, and HOPE.

I do agree with you our Lord’s message was one of Hope, Love, Mercy, yet it was also one of Truth. We must remember that he said “Be perfect as your Father in Heaven is perfect!” Of course, this doesn’t happen overnight and it truly takes a lifetime as it is a journey towards becoming Saints! But we must take that first step as many in our world never start this journey sadly.

My advice is look towards the numerous Saints and follow their example. We may fall as I often do as well, but we must get back up and continue up toward the top, so to speak! Also remember that many of these Saints were ordinary people who used the talents that God gave them to help them in their journey! God bless!

You serious, Clark? I paid a fortune for this on ebay.

Well of course. But if you’re talking literal perfection, I think Our Lady has that one locked up. :wink:

God is drawing us, by grace, into a greater and greater perfection/holiness/justice all our lives. This justice is defined by love and there’s no limit to this virtue; its a cheif aspect of our being transformed into God’s own image. Trent taught that the justice first received at Baptism can be increased. If we haven’t reached a sufficient level of it in this life, God will continue the perfecting in the next. The Church, BTW, teaches that God made His universe in a “state of journeying to perfection”.

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