Love endures...

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

What a beautiful testimony to God’s work in a soul! What faith, hope and above all love St. Faustina shares in her “Diary”:

  1. Although outwardly I meet with many sufferings and various adversities, this does not, however lessen my interior life for a moment nor disturb my inner silence…

How often do our “little” hurts distub our prayer? How often do we stop praying or interrupt any recollection we may be having when some person or some thing occurs which distubs us? St. Faustina, however, by God’s Grace, continues to write in this entry:

…I do not fear at all being abandoned by creatures because even if all abandoned me I would not be alone, for the Lord is with me…

Ah, there is the faith that we need: to persevere in any trial, we cling to the Truth that Jesus promised He would not leave or forsake us. Firm in her faith in God’s Love for her, St. Faustina continues to hope and to love Him:

…And even if the Lord were to hide, love will know where to find Him. For love knows no gates or guards; even the keen-eyed Cherub himself, with his flaming sword, will not stop love; it will work its way through wilderness and scorching heat, through storm, thunder and darkness, and will reach the source from which it came, and there it will endure forever. All things will come to an end; but love, never.

Yes, God has given us in Baptism the wonderous theological virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity, these three but the greatest is Charity. Let us make love our aim as it was for St. Faustina and all the saints.

Lovely post & good to hear, thank you!

Beautiful. As an aside, that little card you have of Our Lady of South Carolina, I have that too. Though I’ve never been to the shrine.

Dear Joy,

Thanks for your reply. I’ve mentioned on other threads I began to re-read the Diary of St. Faustina, during this “Year of Mercy” proclaimed by Pope Francis. I’m being even more blessed by it in this re-reading and posting parts of it on the internet, than I’ve been blessed in my reading of it in years past. I recommend it for anyone who has never read it, but also recommend the re-readinf of it for those who many have read it some time ago. :slight_smile:

God’s Mercies truly are new every morning!

Dear Adam,

Thanks for your reply. I “discovered” the shrine while attending a meeting several years ago and in a providential encounter with another Legion of Mary Member who told me about the shrine. When I looked it up on the internet, I suggested to my husband that we make a pilgrimage to the shrine. He agreed and so we contacted Rev. Stanley Smolenski, and he was most gracious in giving directions and offering possibilities for four of us to make our pilgrimage on a certain date and within a time range we could handle. It was a blessing for us. If you haven’t already done so, Perhaps you can spend time on his website and contact him for a visit to the shrine, perhaps bringing others with you.

Mary and the Eucharist depicted on the icon for Our Lady of South Carolina, Mother of Joyful Hope, is an important one, especially for our times. At our Legion of Mary Meeting this morning, I shared something from an address given by Pope St. John Paul II which I’ve shared before on CAF. It is part of a longer addres to Legion of Mary Members in Italy in October 1982. I underlined the date because his words were not only accurate then, but even prophetic – as we see how secularized and lacking in faith the world is today, 34 years later:

…Where the Mother is, there too is the Son. When one moves away from the Mother, sooner or later he ends up keeping distant from the Son as well. It is no wonder that today, in various sectors of secularized society, we note a widespread crisis of faith in God, preceded by a drop in devotion to the Virgin Mother.

Thanks for the links to your blog and your efforts in Apologetics on youtube. May Our Blessed Mother hold us all in the crossing of her arms close to Jesus, with St. Faustina and all the saints.

Our Lady of South Carolina, Mother of Joyful Hope, pray for us.
Jesus, we trust in You!

I live in South Carolina…just on the other side. I’l visit it one day

Thank you MariaChristi. I will look up St Faustina. God Bless.

Dear Joy,

Thanks for your reply. :slight_smile: Yes, do look up info on St. Faustina! To purchase a copy of her “Diary” see HERE

You may also be blessed by learning to pray the Divine Mercy chaplet, which Jesus taught to St. Faustina. A good site to learn more is HERE.

God Bless! :slight_smile:

Thanks and God bless you too, dear Joy. Please share what you find! :slight_smile:

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