"Love God with all your.... what was that?"

*Please read all of Mark 12:24-34. What is it that Jesus caught in the words of the Scribe that made him react the way he did in verse 34.

Jesus touched on something that is left out of the original command to “Love God with all one’s ‘…’.” (the original is found in Deuteronomy). The Scribe knew exactly what it was that Jesus was enlightening the People on as is evidenced in his wording.

Anyone? What did the Scribe say that caused Jesus to say, “Thou art not far from the kingdom of God.”

Forget that Scribes are looked down upon (I think a lot of the animosity between Jesus and the Pharisees/ Scribes was interpolated as it keeps most judging the Jewish People under false pretenses rather than seeing the enlightenment that Jesus was sharing). I do not see this Scribe in a bad light AT ALL!! Personally, I think that there was a lesson to be learned about Divine Love as opposed to mankind’s idea of love.

In Psalm 119:29 the Psalmist says, “Remove from me the way of lying: and grant me thy law graciously*.” The meaning of this became apparent when I understood what is entailed in Divine Love.

And that the Scribes did not hide this knowledge is evident in the wording of Deuteronomy 30… the blessing and the curse.

So, can anyone tell me what it is that the Scribe saw in Jesus’ enlightened teachings?

I will give you a hint… it is one word that marks the enlightenment about why the command to Love God IS the most important to fulfilling the Law of God.

I am trusting that there are some on this forum who are indeed willing to search for the Truth rather than just being told what to think. :thumbsup:

Well, Jesus replaced the word “might” with the words ‘mind and strength’. There are some other small differences from Deuteronomy 6.

What one word has caught your attention?

:thumbsup:* It is one of those words that you pointed out and you will know specifically which one it is and the version of it I am looking for by reading what the Scribe says. He changes one of the words for a more clear look at what is required in Divine Love. Do you mind looking and posting it for me? The only reason I ask is that I already know and I learn things better from doing the work my ownself than being given the answers straight away… it is more meaningful to me and I only hope to share this with others. *

I am quite impressed, I must say, with how quickly and how close you got on the first try. You have exceeded all others in whom I have posed this same challenge to. :slight_smile: I am quite sure you or someone else will now see the exact word I am trying to draw out here.

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