Love incense at Mass


I love when incense are used at Mass. The smell is wonderful. I would love to see incrnsr used for all Masses.


I love it too! It is used at all the High Masses at the Traditional Latin Mass church I go to sometimes.


I would love to have incense used at all Masses. Not just high Masses or special occasions like Easter.


I’m with you. I know in the Extraordinary Form (Traditional Latin Mass), incense is used for every High Mass. In the Ordinary Form this is left to the choice of the priest if I am not mistaken. But at the Ordinary Form parish I am undergoing RCIA at, the only time the priest brings out the incense is during Easter and Christmas. That’s it. And even then it’s only used very briefly. During High Mass in the Extraordinary Form incense is used several times during the Mass.


I wish it were used more often as well.

I’ve burning some in my house lately. Smells great!


I love incense too. Unfortunately, many people either don’t like it or have breathing problems so out of consideration for them its use is often skipped. You can never please everyone.


The Church does teach that graduated degrees of solemnity to suit the occasion are laudable. If everything is celebrated as a solemnity then solemnities will lose their meaning.

I love the solemn Salve Regina or Alma, and the simple tone on ordinary ferias simply makes me appreciate the solemn versions even more on the occasions that call for it.


So true. I had not considered those who have breathing difficulties. Thanks for your input. :pray::pray::pray:


On the other hand, I believe ALL Masses to be special. We are there to praise and give glory to God. Every Sunday. Every day that Mass is celebrated is special. Hallelujah. AMEN!


I love the aroma of incense, too. I used to burn it in our house, but my wife suffers from severe asthma, so can’t do that anymore. Your post got me thinking. Has anyone tried frankincense scented oil that could be used in a warmer? I just searched for it, and see it exists, and can be ordered online.


Interesting idea. Thanks


One church I’ve attended lets people know in advance in the bulletin which Mass will have incense, leaving it up to everyone’s discretion when to attend.


love it too,like an heavenly experience at Holy Mass

Revelation 8:3 Another angel with a golden censer came and stood at the altar; he was given a great quantity of incense to offer with the prayers of all the saints on the golden altar that is before the throne. 4 And the smoke of the incense, with the prayers of the saints, rose before God from the hand of the angel.



I am a person who has a disease (well, more of a symptom rather than a disease) who develops allergic reactions through smell. Thankfully, my situation has been resolved somewhat, so I’m able to appreciate the incense more.

In cases like these, I wear a mask when incense is used and I just feel amazing by appreciating the sacredness of it. I was able to smell it in Mass the other day, and it filled me in so much joy that I couldn’t contain- and I didn’t get allergies! Praise God!

Praying for all those who have breathing problems :pray: :pray:


Sometimes it is the burning coal that cause more problems than the actual incense. There is incense that doesn’t smell and others that cause people to leave the church building. I love having incense during Mass but my asthma doesn’t. I have spend the second half of Mass outdoors as I couldn’t be in the building. This was in the Holy land and I have to say that when the priest/deacon sang the gospel reading it was like being in heaven. There was a sister who played the harp to the gospel reading. After that I had to go outdoors and the dogs of the neighbourhood kept me company. Hey, they got a new friend who sounded like them!

Mass is usually in French. If you have the possibility to visit this monastery then do so.

The last 15 seconds of this video is an example of the gospel reading with harp.


I love incense as well, I wish every mass they had incense. My parish uses the usual thurible but also a ceramic bowl which really has the smoke and smell taking off throughout the church.

Especially ordinations, it is very nice to see tons of incense. I’ve been the incense bearer/thurifer for many Easter vigils and such, it’s a most holy thing to take part in


Monasteries/abbeys/convents sometimes use incense at every Mass on Sunday and Solemnities. If you have one near you, you may wish to inquire.

I would think that parishes that reserve incense use to a few occasions each year would include Epiphany as one of them. :thinking: (That’s just my opinion, though.)

I haven’t used the oil, but I’ve put frankincense resin granules in a warmer and that works very well. The granules get warm and give off a gentle scent, but there’s no smoke.


We have incense at every Sunday Mass at my parish. I love it.


If incense was used at every Mass, I’d never be able to go. So I’m thankful that it isn’t used frequently.

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