Love incense at Mass


This is a terrific idea!


They are, of course, but the notion that the degree of celebration is in conformance with the degree of solemnity is nothing new in the Church. Bare-bones Low Masses were an everyday thing back in the pre-Conciliar days. Weekday Masses also have to accommodate the fact that most of the faithful attending need to be at work or school afterwards, or are attending on a short lunch break where they to go to Mass and grab a quick bite.

The Church, in her vast wisdom, understands the needs and constraints of the faithful!


Good advice! Indeed this is true, our abbey does this as well. Of course, a Conventual Mass is for the community. The faithful are welcome to attend but the Mass is primarily for the spiritual needs of the community. So if people are sensitive to incense they simply don’t go to a monastery for Mass on Sundays. I do go though!

One may also, at a monastery Mass, be out of phase with one’s missal. The monastery will use its order’s calendar which differs from the Roman one, And at our abbey, Epiphany is always on the 6th of January, Ascension is always on a Thursday and Corpus Christi is also always on a Thursday. Feasts are not moved, since the Mass is to accommodate the community and they’re always there on those days! Many people use their Prions en Eglise and wonder why on the Sunday that Epiphany was moved to in their parishes, the readings aren’t the same. This year though, the 6th fell on a Sunday so it all lined up!


Me too! It smells amazing!


I love incense, going back to my upbringing in a high Episcopalian setting. Unfortunately, my ACNA church is more Evangelical and so we never have smells and bells. I miss it.


Me too, we have it at our 2nd Sunday mass. It’s a traditional mass, or so it is called (to distinguish from what people on here may call a traditional mass) as opposed to the family mass which is earlier. We also have bells and some parts are in Latin (the sung bits).


Many don’t much care for smoke from the coals/incense. I wonder if there’s a vaporized equivalent? Kind of akin to an eCigarette vs a traditional cig?


I’m with you. Smells like heaven


I love it smells great. My asthma makes me leave church when more than a tiny bit is used.


You might suggest a high quality incense to your sacristan. Lower quality incense has wood chips/saw dust and other things that can be nasty irritants.


I love incense too, except when I’m sick (like I am right now). I then have to sit as far away from the smoke as I can. :sneezing_face::mask:




Haha! Love her name. I just had a disorienting sneeze a few moments ago. Not fun!


Yeah, I wish it was used more often. It ties into the biblical imagery of the heavenly liturgy so well and just gives Mass a more special feeling. There should be one of these in every church :wink:


I have it. I’ve used it in my diffuser but it just doesn’t smell the same as church incense. I wonder if there are other scents that need to be added.


Is that from Santiago de Compostela in Spain? I have seen something like it from SdC and that amount of incense is why I might only stay a short time in the church if I ever go there.


That is what heaven will be like :slight_smile:


Hopefully at some point in the whole getting-to-Heaven process, my allergies to incense will go away. :wink:


I’ve been summoned.

Love incense. I do have relatives who sneeze uncontrollably from it.


Thanks for your comment. I think I will order a small amount of infused essential oil and see how that goes. Maybe also pick up some incense and attempt making my own. Would be fun to experiment. I can get several different kinds of incense locally.

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