Love Interest While Discerning


Here’s a hypothetical question:

A girl is inspired after meeting an amazingly saintly and Godly young man to discern her vocation and give her life completely up to Christ. She sacrifices her desire for marriage she has had all her life in order to be open to God’s will above her own. If the young man were to start showing interest in her, what would be right for her to do, if she likewise were attracted to him?

Would it be right for her to say no until she were SURE that God was not calling her to the religious life? How could she know? Would the very fact that the two were drawn to each other mean that she had a vocation to marriage? Would God call her to give all this up in order to become a nun?


God Has offered her, and all the rest of us Both, either a path proper to the legitimate goods of this world, or to give up all that and follow the Lord to the fullest in the Evangelical Counsels* of Poverty Chastity and Obedience. To quote a previous post of mine:

Not all of it is applicable in your hypothetical but I’ll let it stand as a whole.


I don’t think it would necessarily THAT bad. I know a couple who has been married for 10+ years; the husband was a Seminarian and studying in Rome when he met his wife, who was becoming a Nun at the time. They realized through prayer that they should get married and teach others how to live the most holy, Catholic marriage life as possible.

That just kind of goes to show it’s a case by case thing you’re dealing with, so just pray on it & let God’s will lead the way. If it’s meant to be, it’ll be.


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