Love Latin Mass

I’m a fairly new convert to the faith (I was confirmed last Easter 2010) and I have heard the latin mass talked about many times on here but had no idea what it was until today when I went on youtube (youtube is useful for some things after all) and after watching a clip of a traditional Latiny mass complete with Gregorian chants I am in love. I will be relocating to Arizona soon and I have already found a church in Phoenix called Mater Misericordiæ (Mother of Mercy) Missio that does traditional Latin mass. I haven’t been this excited since attending an Ash Wednesday mass two years ago :smiley:

That’s great! I also discovered Latin mass on Youtube. I think you’ll love it.

I am convinced that YouTube is the reason there is an influx of younger people in the traditional Latin mass mass, and iI believe the numbers will grow within the upcoming years.

I saw my first TLM on youtube as well.

glamourdollxoxo, welcome to the Extraordinary Form of the mass and I hope you can attend one soon. :slight_smile:

I’ll extend my congratulations too. I found the TLM through study back in the late 60’s before coming into the church. Its what convinced me to become Catholic. What a shock when I did arrive. Guitars and “hippies”! Some how I stuck it out and I am glad I did.

God Bless.

After hearing how tough it was to follow the TLM when one goes for the first time, I used a youtube video of one to study it with my missal before I went.

Having to learn the Mass all over again helped me have a better understanding of the Mass. :slight_smile:

I too saw my first Latin Mass on youtube. I was mesmerised and in love in an instant. I attended my first one shortly thereafter. The Holy mysetery and reverence, and the beauty are so captiveating to me. And the extra reverence given to the Blessed Sacrament is something that is appealing to any Catholic. At least youtube is good for something…:slight_smile:

And I have to agree with you, everybody does love a Catholic girl…especialy Traditionalist, latin Mass loving Catholic girls who are devoted to Our Blessed Lord…those are the best kind:D:D

God Bless and Ave Maria!

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