"Love Offering" on Good Friday

At the end of our Good Friday service our priest stands and announces that we will be taking up a “love offering” to show Jesus how much we really love His sacrifice on the cross. My question is…Is this kosher?

I would not call it a love offering. Rather, the Church traditionally takes up a collection on Good Friday to help maintain the sacred places in the Holy Land such as the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

I personally think it’s a really tacky way of asking for a collection. Trying to make people feel bad about what they put or don’t put in the basket, for whatever reason, is not a cool way to ask people to contribute to your cause.

He could have just said he was taking up a collection for XYZ purpose, and ask that everyone is as generous as possible.


This is what our parish did. There was no mention of more $ = more love for Christ.

That doesn’t sound appropriate, but, neither is putting a dollar in the basket.

Our pastor had a second collection for seminarians at the Easter Masses which were stuffed to the rafters.

What about the widow who only has a dollar?

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