Love ... praying for it ...:)


Hey guys,

is it possible to pray for love, like from a person that was once ok with you and is not anymore? Like they hate ya, but you want almost more than everything else them to love 'ya?

How long would this take? I mean, there’s this thing about the the unjust judge … Lk 18,1-8.

What would you have to put into a prayer to rly get heard?

I’m sorry for these stupid questions, but I’m trying and really can’t get heard it seems.

:slight_smile: still,

thanx, all, too :slight_smile:



God always hears our prayers. He just might not be answering them in the way we expect. It might not be the right time to answer your prayer, or He has something better in mind, or perhaps what you’re asking for would be harmful to you, though you don’t know it, or perhaps He would like to answer your prayer, but the person who He needs to work through has a hard heart, and won’t listen to Him. You’re praying for someone to like you again, who hates you right now, but maybe God wants you to find a better friend, or now isn’t the right time, or something else like that.

I will offer up my rosary today for your intentions. :gopray:


Thx, sweet :slight_smile:



God doesn’t always give us the yes we want, sometimes He gives us a no to the direct want, just to push us in the right direction:bounce: Will pray for you just the same


Thx, :slight_smile:



Don’t close you heart to just one person, especially if it is not returned. Pray that God guides to you where you need to be. To open your heart to others who love you too. Open your prayers up to God’s guidance for his plan for you - whatever and with whoever that needs to be. Good luck and God Bless.


I will pray for your intentions and guidance.


I’m happy to report that something happened … not quite what I wish for … but the priest today celebrated the mass for (I only know the german title … :() those who do bad to us.
It was a very special experience, I felt this was in direct answer to my prayers and yours especially, all, so I’m thankful that praying together really helps in a special way, like it says in that verse … whatever 2 or 3 of you ask in my name … :slight_smile: (which one is, by the way, sorry, I can’T remember :)).

So, thank you all again, and I ask you all to keep this in your prayers possibly for another couple days, because the matter itself hasn’t changed yet perceivably for me … but I’m sure it will … just not sure how.
If you could do this, I’d be so glad :slight_smile:

Thank you very much and God bless,

yours, Daniel


I’ll keep you in my prayers. :gopray:


You are in my prayers…:gopray:




it ain’t happening. Sorry to all the guys who prayed for this, can you take it up again, some?
I prayed for this for 2 weeks at least, I been doing what supposedly the judge from Lk 18,1-8 would get to act, nothing happens, and I been praying the rosary like mad, compare - You will get all you ask of me be recitation of the rosary - I’m frustrated as nothing discernible has happened to my intention.
I’m sick.



Sry for that quote, wasn’t behaving. :slight_smile:



Bye, btw, I found a nice poem (Joyce Kilmer)
and a person with a faible for blue yesterday :slight_smile:

Right Reverend Bishop Valentinus,
Sometime of Interamna, which is called Ferni,
Now of the delightful Court of Heaven,
I respectfully salute you,
I genuflect
And I kiss your episcopal ring.

It is not, Monsignore,
The fragrant memory of your holy life,
Nor that of your shining and joyous martyrdom,
Which causes me now to address you.
But since this is your august festival, Monsignore,
It seems appropriate to me to state
According to a venerable and agreeable custom,
That I love a beautiful lady.
Her eyes, Monsignore,
Are so blue that they put lovely little blue reflections
On everything that she looks at,
Such as a wall
Or the moon
Or my heart.
It is like the light coming through blue stained glass,
Yet not quite like it,
For the blueness is not transparent,
Only translucent.
Her soul’s light shines through,
But her soul cannot be seen.
It is something elusive, whimsical, tender, wanton, infantile, wise
And noble.
She wears, Monsignore, a blue garment,
Made in the manner of the Japanese.
It is very blue-
I think that her eyes have made it more blue,
Sweetly staining it
As the pressure of her body has graciously given it form.
Loving her, Monsignore,
I love all her attributes;
But I believe
That even if I did not love her
I would love the blueness of her eyes,
And her blue garment, made in the manner of the Japanese.

I have never before troubled you with a request.
The saints whose ears I chiefly worry with my pleas
are the most exquisite and maternal Brigid,
Gallant Saint Stephen, who puts fire in my blood,
And your brother bishop, my patron,
The generous and jovial Saint Nicholas of Bari.
But, of your courtesy, Monsignore,
Do me this favour:
When you this morning make your way
To the Ivory Throne that bursts into bloom with roses
because of her who sits upon it,
When you come to pay your devoir to Our Lady,
I beg you, say to her:
“Madame, a poor poet, one of your singing servants yet on earth,
Has asked me to say that at this moment he is especially grateful to you
For wearing a blue gown”.

I love it! :slight_smile:
Hey, I had a chance to reread it, it gets a :):slight_smile:

And forget about the intention it’s all gone :smiley:
Wanton fickle me :frowning:
but it all ok due to God’s grace I think : )

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