Love Someone More Than God (please help)

Lately I’ve been feeling like I love a family member more than God. I love God so much but I don’t know whats going on. Should I try to get to know God more? I feel like I don’t know him very well. Any advice?

Can you speak to your Priest about this? God MUST come first in all things.


There are different kinds of love. Maybe explore that.


The way you know is by your choices.

If this person wants you to commit a sin, do you do it? Or follow God’s commandment.

It’s possible to follow God’s commandment, but still feel anxious over losing your human relationship. But you still chose God.


With time, chances are that that person is not going to be part of your life in the long run, excluding family or a spouse, though those aren’t always stable anyways.

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This right here.

I think it can probably be easy to feel like you love someone more than God because your interactions with people seem more direct. Catholics believe in a personal God, so perhaps meditations focused around that might be helpful.

With that said, though, you also shouldn’t be discouraged just because the “feeling” is different. As 0Scarlett_nidiyilii said, actions are an expression of love.

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God is first, my family and friends are second, and I am third.

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Whoever you love more than God you still don’t love a tiny fraction as much as God loves them.

We never love another person too much, only wrongly. No matter how much or how well we love, God can teach us to love better.

Where you see you need to love better or more—ask God to help you! You can’t do what you’re made to do on your own. You were never meant to do anything on your own! Whatever good thing you have the will to do, go to God for the strength and guidance to do it, even if what you see you need to do is to love God more.


Perhaps because of your age you think you love your parents more than God because you do not know enough about God. You have much to learn and probably don’t feel what you will experience as you grow older.

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My advice is to keep praying and getting to know God. Getting spiritual counsel from a priest might also be helpful for you, particularly if you feel inclined toward scrupulosity.

It is natural for us to feel stronger emotional attachment to our family members because we can see them. That doesn’t necessarily mean you love God less than your family members.

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I don’t think it is possible to love in degrees. Either you love, or you don’t. The rest is how you feel about it. I don’t think God really cares how you feel about it, as long as you love.

I wouldn’t worry about not loving God “enough”. You either love God, or you don’t.

Ask God to help you with these feelings. Sit down in prayer and talk to God about how you feel. You know we are meant to pour out our heart to him right? That he is almighty and there’s nothing he can’t do? So let him reasure you here. He loved his mother very much, you are allowed to love your family, just love them through him. Chances are this is a temptation and once you spend some time in prayer you will feel better. Keep praying, God loves you and wants you to love your neighbour as he loved you. God bless

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