Love this story about this dog and the Blessed Sacrament

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The dog in the photo was trained to identify life after earthquakes. His posture and the fact of staying fixed as seen in the image is the posture that tells the rescuer that there is life in that place. And look at nothing more and nothing less where and in front of who is placed: in front of Jesus as the Eucharistic bread in the tabernacle, the living God among us.

“On the evening of the last day of his October 1995 visit to the United States, John Paul II was scheduled to greet the seminarians at Saint Mary’s Seminary in Baltimore. It had been a very full day that began with a Mass at Oriole Park in Camden Yards, a parade through downtown streets, a visit to the Basilica of the Assumption, the first cathedral in the country, lunch at a local soup kitchen run by Catholic Charities; a prayer service at the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen in North Baltimore; and finally a quick stop at Saint Mary’s Seminary.

The schedule was tight so the plan was simply to greet the seminarians while they stood outside on the steps. But the Pope made his way through their ranks and into the building. His plan was to first make a visit to the Blessed Sacrament.

When his wishes were made known, security flew into action. They swept the building paying close attention to the chapel where the Pope would be praying. For this purpose highly trained dogs were used to detect any person who might be present.

The dogs are trained to locate survivors in collapsed buildings after earthquakes and other disasters. These highly intelligent and eager dogs quickly went through the halls, offices and classrooms and were then sent to the chapel. They went up and down the aisle, past the pews and finally into the side chapel where the Blessed Sacrament is reserved.

Upon reaching the tabernacle, the dogs sniffed, whined, pointed, and refused to leave, their attention riveted on the tabernacle, until called by their handlers. They were convinced that they discovered someone there.

We Catholics know they were right — they found a real, living Person in the tabernacle!”

— Fr. Arthur Byrne, Garabandal Journal


That’s a nice story, thanks for sharing it.

I was at that Mass in Baltimore. It took hours for us to get there and get into the stadium and then more hours for the Pope to arrive and say Mass and then even more hours due to traffic jam for us to get back on our bus, get out of the parking lot, and go home, even though the parish we came from was only a couple highway exits away in normal traffic. I remember getting home just in time to see him on TV greeting all the seminarians on the lawn as the sun was starting to set.

I also just found out that the pastor from the Polish parish I often attend had concelebrated Mass with Pope JPII eight times in various countries and on different continents, and he concelebrated the Baltimore Mass as well.


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