Love thy Mother and Father


I just recently had a very scary experience with my father becoming ill. My father is the type that never gets sick . The other night he went to bed and became very dizzy, this was followed by vomiting.At one point he mentioned to my mother that it felt like his eyes were spinning. My mother monitored him thru the night and into the next morning. My dad was still so dizzy that he could not get up to go to the bathroom. My brother left his job and came over to the house and we tried to help Dad up…the look on my dads face was so scarey…he could tell something was very wrong and looked very scared. At that point we put Dad back into bed and decided to call an ambulance. The rescue squad arrived and checked him over and took him outside on a gurney. I’m watching all of this in utter disbelief and am very scared. At the hospital he is given every test you can imagine and is put into the stroke unit. It turns out that he did not have a stroke but severe vertigo from an inner ear condition. After two days in the hospital Dad is back at home but still not100%. The moral of this story is tell your parents that you love them every opportunity that you can get! This was the scariest experience that I have ever been through and the thought of losing Dad is like a sword thru my heart. I pray for those and my sympathies go out to those who never got a chance to say goodbye to loved ones who passed on. I am extremely blessed and will tell my dad and mom till the day that they pass… I LOVE YOU MOM AND DAD. I also realized FAITH is such a great strength when you feel utterly helpless. I also pray for those who have no faith or doubt there faith when lifechanging situations happen.The other thing that is scarey is when you call relatives and tell them that dad is in the hospital…the whole situation is very scarey and surreal…you automatically go into denial mode.I pray for those who are currently going through this or have gone through it.


Very true alekzander. It’s hard when someone we love & look up to suddenly becomes ill. It’s amazing how we take our lives for granted. We get into our daily routines. But thankfully, for your dad, he’ll be ok. And thankfully for you, you realize just how important your loved ones are to you.

As a sufferer of vertigo myself, it is very scary the first time you have an attack. I’ve had 2 attacks in the past 10 years. The first time is especially scary b/c you’re fine one minute & next you’re in a fetal position afraid to move b/c you have no idea what the heck is happening & for the life of you, you don’t want to move.

I had a different dr. the second time around & she had me on 2 different meds & taught me some exercises to help get the crystals back into balance. I’m sure the drs. gave your dad similar advice? I promise it will get better, it just takes some time. :thumbsup:

God Bless.


“alekzander” I couldn’t agree more. God bless all of you. It must have been so frightening for you.

I hope that your dad is doing better and better. You are all in my prayers.


Thank you! They are sending him to physical therapy. I guess they turn and twist your head and it is supposed to fix the problem. I guess calcium stones get into your inner ear and cause the dizziness…it also causes you to feel very ill. I will never take another day with my Dad or mother for granted. This whole experience was very scary and is something that I don’t want to experience again.:frowning:


My elderly Mother went through the same thing 2 years ago, and was hospitalized for a possible stroke. It indeed was a scary experience. They taught her some exercises to do when she begins to feel dizzy, and they do work for her, along with the medication. Hopefully, your father will learn how to control these episodes before they get too bad, in the future. My mother has done very well since.

And yes, things like this do jolt us into the realization of how dear to us our loved ones are. You are blessed to have learned this.


It made me realize not to take any of my loved ones for granted! Every day is precious. Another good thing that happened through this ordeal is that my dad decided to quit smoking .:smiley:


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