how do you know when you gave greater love to anything other than god?

Well, if I love my wife a great deal, which I do, and Jesus is within her, which He is, then I am loving God too. If I am loving the beautiful ocean or sea, and God is the creator and power of the sea, which He is, then I am loving God too.

If I love racing my bicycle, I am in effect celebrating the life that God has given me, and such a celebration is love for “God comes to us, disguised as our life.”(Paula D’Arcy)

Do you see where I am coming from? Love comes from God and is received by God. There really is a oneness, a wholeness, a (w)holiness.

That said, it should be emphasized that there are many places to willfully give love where much more is needed. The poor, the sick, and the lonely come to mind…

If that thing/person leads you to commit sin! :slight_smile:

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