Lovely, Drippy, Syrupy TLM and Vocation Video. Then Fr. Z Rants About Crying


Some may be tempted to say that it is “sentimental”.

A thoughtful person, however, would reflect that the affective compliments the intellective.

There’s nothing wrong with some “sentiment”.

There’s also nothing wrong with our older, traditional prayers dripping with what today we might regard as “flowery” or “syrupy” language. There’s nothing wrong with “flowery” language in prayers. We don’t have to be terse and jejune all the time. That’s not how we are made.

On that note, you should know that there was and is in this Catholic thing of ours a tradition of praying for the gift, the grace, of tears. In the Missale Romanum there are prayers for the gift of tears.


I don’t know if rant is the appropriate word.


Yeah I think he meant he was gonna talk a lot about it. lol


Or perhaps it was an impassioned speech.


Beautiful video.


Actually, if you read the article, it is a lead-in to his further writing about how the “affective compliments the intellective.” It’s not a rant. When Fr. Z rants, there is no doubt about it. There are caps and red letters all over the place.


That’s the truth! No mistaking it.


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